Our Private Client Services practice focuses on serving business owners, protecting the interests of the business founder or patriarch and transforming a ‘Family Business’ into a ‘Business Family’ to grow their businesses and preserve their wealth through generations.

We leverage our experience in serving family businesses to provide solutions that align with the three domains of family, ownership and business.

As trusted advisors to our business owners, RSM private client professionals across the RSM international network have deep experiences in servicing high net worth individuals and wealthy families.

Our private client services include the following:

Our private client services includes investment management services, philanthropic management, life management & budgeting, training & education, estate & wealth transfer, business & financial advisory, administrative services, succession planning, reporting & record keeping, risk management & insurance services, compliance & regulatory assistance and tax & legal advisory.

How we support?

RSM private client service professionals are fully aware of the day-to-day challenges business owners face in growing the business and managing the expectations of every family member who has a stake in the family wealth. Therefore, we strive to first understand your personal, family and business needs to identify the issues and challenges faced before we develop bespoke solutions for you.

Our approach includes:

Understanding your family and business needsIdentifying challenges facedOffering bespoke advice and solutions
  • Background of the family business
  • Roles and responsibilities of family members in the business
  • Business expansion / divestment needs and risk appetite


  • Lack of early succession planning
  • Conflicts within family members
  • Plans to grow the business internationally
  • Developing an optimal tax structure for wealth transfer
  • Building a family governance structure to foster mutual understanding of the rights and responsibilities of all individuals with an interest in the family wealth
  • Acting as a trusted advisor to help bridge family conflicts



Optimal alignment among the three domains - Family, Ownership and Business - is the hallmark of a healthy, functional family business.


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Deep experience in serving family businesses


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One-stop shop with fully integrated services by specialist teams


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High partner, director and manager involvement


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Extensive network of relationships with financial institutions, fund managers, venture capital trusts and private equity firms to uncover business expansion opportunities.


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Global presence in 123 countries to assist with overseas growth and entry into new markets

Building your family business to last

Building your family business to last

We will be your trusted advisors to look after you, your family and your legacy. Our aim is to build strong and long-term relationships with you and your family. 

Our dedicated specialist team focuses on servicing business owners and families, protecting the interests of business founders or patriarchs, helping businesses to grow and preserve wealth through generations.

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