Workplace Safety

Published on September 14, 2022

We are committed to provide our employees with a work environment that is conducive, safe and free from abuse or harassment.

Employees should treat fellow colleagues, clients and other persons with respect and consideration at all times; and likewise, we expect our employees to be treated by others with respect and consideration while carrying out their duties.

Workplace harassment can occur when one party demonstrates behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to another party. Examples of behaviour that may be considered harassment include but are not limited to threatening, abusive, or insulting language, comments or other non-verbal gestures, discrimination, physical violence, cyber-bullying, sexual harassment and stalking.

Workplace harassment can also take place through different modes of communications, such as by email, text messaging or social media.

We will not tolerate any acts of abuse or harassment, and will investigate all complaints and incidents in a fair and timely manner.

Under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA), threatening, abusive or insulting acts that are likely to cause a victim to feel harassed, alarmed or distressed (even if an individual did not intend to do so) can constitute an offence that is punishable by law.

Any employee who is found guilty of such acts shall be subject to disciplinary action, which may include termination/dismissal from service.

We will also not hesitate to take the appropriate action against any person who carries out such acts against our employees.

The Company prohibits any form of retaliation or intimidation against any person for making good faith reports concerning allegations of abuse or harassment, or any other allegations of improper behaviour.