We Do Not Simply Practise, We Strive To Inspire

We remain committed in our efforts to enhance sustainability both within our organisation and outside it through acts of responsibility, empathy, and dedication. By reducing waste, electricity usage and greenhouse gas emissions, RSM Singapore hopes to inspire others to do the same.


RSM Singapore has always been at the forefront of building sustainable, eco-friendly, and responsible measures to doing business. In 2022, we took this commitment a step further and designed a carefully curated sustainable policy to be spearheaded by dedicated “eco-warriors” of our firm in the best possible way.

Our Sustainability Policy

The Organisation is committed to being environmentally aware, compliant with legislation and other requirements, and continue to reduce the environmental impacts of our offices in an environmentally responsible manner.

We are dedicated to taking the following actions to achieve our green vision:

  • Significantly reduce our carbon emissions;
  • Invest in technology so that clients and colleagues can interact virtually;
  • Measure and report our emissions and act on those findings;
  • Maximise the efficient use of materials and adopt the reduce, re-use and recycle approach;
  • Manage our business practices to reduce pollution;
  • Promote and educate climate awareness of our people leading to an environmentally-proactive workforce;
  • Offset residual emissions with accredited carbon offset projects that are transparent, relevant and will have a lasting impact; and
  • Monitor our ongoing performance and progress in achieving these aims at Exco level, and act on those findings. We will encourage our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.


Saving the environment begins with small focused steps that can produce real tangible results. To see real change and achieve net zero emissions, we need to embed conscious principles among our people and take bold steps that can deliver a sustainable business.

Running for Green 

As an official GREEN partner of the Great Green Run 2023, our colleagues hit the ground on 24 September 2023 in support of Singapore's most environmentally friendly run - the Great Green Run - complete with an eco-friendly setup, carbon counting, and a focus on diversity and inclusivity.

Making Strides to Promote a Cleaner Environment

Our team of eco-warriors continues to make positive strides in our company's efforts to keep the Earth green and clean. In April 2023 , we teamed up with the non-profit association (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter for an event at Bishan Park aimed at promoting a cleaner environment and cleaning up the park. With the enthusiastic participation of over 50 individuals, we took another step towards achieving our sustainability goals.

RSM Singapore employees taking a group photo in front of Bishan Park after the event with non-profit association (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter to clean up the park

Paving the way towards GreenDNA !

As we continue to narrow environmental gaps at the office and spread the green message among our employees, we are pleased to share that we have been conferred the " Championship Tier" Eco-Office Award by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) as of 09 January 2023. 

This is indeed an encouraging boost to all our staff since we launched our 'It starts with me' eco campaign! 

Making a Green Pledge for a Better Environment

The RSM family came together in early May 2022 to share their Green pledges as part of the firm’s first eco-event of the year spearheaded by committed eco-warriors driven to make a change. The event served as a positive reminder for us to be more environmentally conscious of our actions in and outside of the workplace, reduce our carbon footprint and encourage our staff to build a workplace that is environmentally friendly.

RSM Singapore's employees showing their Green pledges as a reminder to be more environmental conscious.

Clean Earth, Clean Seas - Changi Beach Clean Up

On 20th August 2022, our team of eco-volunteers along with their friends, family members, and even pets participated in a drive to clean-up the Changi beach in Singapore. With the help of over 30 participants, RSM was able to successfully remove more than 10 bags of waste for the coastline – another promising step towards achieving our sustainable goals.

RSM Singpaore's eco volunteers taking a group photo in front of Changi Beach after cleaning up the Changi beach.

Collection Drive for Used Arch Files

In collaboration with Tana River Life Foundation School in Kenya, our eco-warriors collected, packaged, and delivered over 400 arch files over the span of 3 days to be distributed to various schools who would require them.

Despite the challenges in terms of logistics and time constraints, our eco-team demonstrated true commitment with a mind-set that “Thinks Green, Goes Green, and Does Green”.

RSM Singapore collected over 400 arch files in collaboration with Tana River Life Foundation School in Kenya.


Saving Energy

We aim to reduce our operations footprint and ensure efficient energy utilisation by all our employees when in the office. By switching off all computers, electronic equipment, and power outlets and making use of power down features for such devices when possible – RSM Singapore aims to integrate environmentally sustainable practices into everyday office operations one step at a time.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our sustainable efforts are also driven to reduce the use of paper and plastic at every stage of our daily business operation.

We commit to:

  • Print and photocopy only what is needed and to print double sided whenever possible;
  • Print documents in black and white or grayscale whenever possible;
  • Use recycled paper responsibly (without compromising the confidentiality of information); and
  • Use durable reusable beverage containers, plates, and utensils.