Advisory services

Our experienced specialists can guide you through a myriad of business issues and present you with new opportunities through dependable business advice. Whether it’s our corporate advisory solutions, our consulting capabilities or our restructuring and forensics expertise, we can provide a wealth of business advisory services to help you solve your most complex business challenges.

Our integrated approach means we can go above and beyond what is expected of traditional professional advisors to enhance, preserve, rehabilitate or recover your business value. With our local professionals based in Singapore and our global network of firms, we are well-positioned to support your business strategies and take you to the global market.

Discover how our business advisory solutions can benefit you below.

Corporate advisory

Whether you are looking to create sustainable growth, attract investors and close a satisfactory deal or place an accurate valuation on your company, our integrated corporate advisory services are designed to support your growth aspirations.

Our corporate advisors can support your business in the following areas:

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Business consulting

Our team of business consultants can provide valuable advice on how to improve and optimise your systems and processes in order to better support your business strategy and foster growth. Our expertise extends to addressing your unique digitalisation and technology needs in a fast-moving modern business environment. 

Our business consulting team improve efficiency across multiple sectors in three key service areas:

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Restructuring and forensics

In challenging times, key stakeholders require prompt and reliable information on the financial status of a company and the restructuring alternatives available. We have the experience to identify business crisis at an early stage and assess strategic alternatives to help you take advantage of existing opportunities. 

Our restructuring and business forensics specialists have the experience, judgement and skills to find solutions that can preserve and maximise value for everyone involved, providing support across the four service areas:

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