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The real estate industry remains a key driver of the Singapore economy. An ambitious projected population growth, fuelled by the inherent scarcity of land in Singapore, creates vast opportunities for the industry over the next decade. The strong pipeline of construction projects necessary to cope with the demand puts pressure on firms to handle mounting challenges from labour shortages, rising material costs, intense competition and changing regulations.

Find out how we help businesses from different parts of the real estate and construction value chain.

Budget 2020 — Impact on Real Estate and Construction Sector

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23 March 2020

Understanding the US REITs

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) can provide numerous benefits to a variety of investors looking to invest in real estate, but fund managers must be conscientious of the rules that come with using a REIT.
5 March 2020

Go regional — a quick guide to getting started

Benefit from the ideas and insights of our regional experts
3 July 2019

Addressing the hospitality industry’s weakest data security link

We are proud to partner with Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) to hold the “Is your Hotel at Risk of Non-Compliance – PDPA, GDPR & GST?” seminar for a full-house crowd of 100 SHA members.
17 May 2019

2019 Real Estate Investment Excellence

Micromarkets, macro-opportunities Download Report 
19 December 2018

6 things to consider when beginning your construction projects

To do well in the construction industry, planning is often as important as execution. Discover 6 important considerations for a comprehensive and detailed plan that covers various aspects of your construction project.
29 March 2018

Key changes to the Code of Corporate Governance and implications for real estate companies

Learn more about how the changes to the Code will affect board matters, shareholder engagement, remuneration & nomination and accountability & audit as well as how these will impact listed real estate companies.
15 February 2018


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