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Today’s hypercompetitive business environment is largely driven by the adoption of disruptive technologies. Innovative businesses are able to experience a meteoric rise to prominence. This has also created a phenomenon where many start-ups have sprung up in recent years, spurring innovation further. On the other hand, traditional businesses that do not leverage on technology or are slow to adapt are at risk of being adversely affected by these disruptions. 


While you focus your efforts and attention on growing your business and overcoming the challenges posed by technical disruptions, we help you take care of all your other important support functions.  

Post-COVID-19 Technology Strategy

On 9 June 2020, Hoi Wai Khin, Director, and Riven Ooi, Manager, of RSM, shared measures to minimise risks when operating from cloud and adopting technology. This Webinar was jointly organised by RSM Singapore and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (“ISACA”).

COVID-19 – The Unexpected Driver of Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented impact on businesses and nations around the world. In order to minimise human interactions and reduce further spread of the virus, many countries have shut their borders, locked down, and imposed closure of work-places for non-essential services.

2019 Annual Information Technology Industry Spotlight

“In 2020, we see more and more investors performing cyber due diligence to incorporate potential risk exposure into the overall deal valuation.” - Nishi Shah, Director, Cybersecurity Due Diligence, RSM 

Technology Risks: How to Protect Your Business

Over the past decade, the wave of digital transformation has swept across many organisations as they embark on adopting advanced technologies to streamline their business processes for productivity.

How Technology Firms can Benefit from Budget 2020

With the current COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on businesses, Budget 2020 supports companies, workers and households with an immediate release of a $5.6 billion package to help them tide over this difficult time.

The search for technology talents

Many organisations are starting to leverage technology to digitally transform their business processes for enhanced operational efficiency.  The surge in data and analytical capabilities have also encouraged businesses to make informed decisions through data analysis rather than intuition. 

Q3 2019 Information Technology Industry Spotlight

"Speed is the name of the game for both buyers and sellers in the current climate. Given geopolitical shakiness as well as broader concerns around any potential slowdown, buyers are prioritizing companies with metrics that exhibit resilience to any major impacts." David Van Wert, Partner, Transaction Advisory Services, RSM

Building digitally-savvy SMEs

Becoming digitally savvy is not a difficult process, and the benefits are aplenty. The Singapore government has paved the path to digitisation for the nation through the smart nation initiative, and we have already reached the stage whereby robots are deployed to perform mundane tasks such as bank reconciliation and three-way matching.

Practical accounting challenges technology start-ups face

Technology firms are among the fastest growing companies in Singapore in recent years. This, in part, is due to the pace of technological innovations and disruptions across nearly every industry.

How intelligent process automation enhances the finance function

While Robotic Process Automation has been widely adopted by many businesses and delivered significant benefits, its evolved cousin, Intelligent Process Automation, has the potential to enhance business outcomes further.

Q2 2019 Information Technology Industry Spotlight

After a nearly record-breaking year in deal value, the mergers and acquisitions cycle in information technology has shown signs of slowing down.

RPA bot–our new ally

Financial leaders congregated in the evening of 30 July 2019 at ISCA to find out how RPA can help streamline their work processes. This event was jointly organised by RSM and ISCA. 

Four key applications of natural language processing for audit transformation

While we have yet to achieve truly human-like artificial intelligence, we are already seeing important breakthroughs in natural language processing. How can the audit profession leverage these for its own transformation?

Benefits and considerations of cloud accounting

Disruptive technologies have changed the game for various industries and accounting is no exception. As businesses take accounting to the cloud, a fresh approach is required for the age-old practice of bookkeeping.

Q1 2019 Information Technology Industry Spotlight

How the mergers and acquisitions cycle has evolved during a remarkable decade for the information technology industry has been an intriguing case study in sustaining of highs.

2018 Annual Information Technology Industry Spotlight

The remarkably robust mergers and acquisitions (M&A) cycle over the past decade owed a significant portion of its resilience to consolidation and disruption within technology, specifically software.

How Budget 2019 can help technology companies thrive

Building on the themes laid out in the previous years’ Budgets, Finance Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat, delivered the Singapore Government’s Budget for 2019 on 18 February 2019. Technology continues to be a key theme in strengthening Singapore’s economic competitiveness, increasing Singapore businesses’ productivity and enhancing Singaporeans’ lives.

Phishing awareness: recognising, addressing and avoiding threats

Phishing is one of the most common and most successful forms of cyberattack: e-mails designed to trick users into providing valuable information (such as login credentials) or running malicious code that compromises their workstation. Unlike other attacks, phishing does not rely on technical vulnerabilities or security misconfigurations to be effective.

Committee of Inquiry report highlights cybersecurity implications for businesses

On 10 January 2019, the Committee of Inquiry (COI) released its report on the cyberattack on SingHealth last year that resulted in the theft of 1.5 million patients' personal particulars. Any of the five key findings of the COI report might be an issue for companies in any industry.

Q3 2018 Technology Industry Spotlight

The most-recent volatility within public equities served as a good reminder that technology stocks, in particular, the famed FAANGs — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google — have alone been responsible for a significant portion of the remarkable gains in markets over the past few years.

Five ways data is changing the way businesses operate

How business intelligence can help you get the most from your data

Q2 2018 Technology Spotlight


Wake-up call after SingHealth cyber breach

The recent major cyberattack on SingHealth’s database that resulted in the theft of some 1.5 million patients’ personal particulars is another wake-up call for organisations to be vigilant for cyber risks. The repercussions may be more serious than you think. SingHealth sent out the following two short messages to victims of the cyberattack:

Q1 2018 Technology Spotlight

The technology landscape remains dynamic, characterised by interlocking series of technology innovation and adoption cycles.

Blockchain: The technology too powerful to ignore

Truly taking advantage of blockchain not only requires businesses to adapt existing business models, but to reimagine them from scratch.

An insider perspective on blockchain by Zilliqa

RSM interviewed Zilliqa's CEO and Head of Business Development who shared their insights on the topic of blockchain.

How Budget 2018 will help businesses leverage technology and innovate

On 19 February 2018, Mr. Heng Swee Keat, Minister of Finance, delivered the Singapore Government’s Budget for 2018. Building a vibrant and innovative economy was one of the four themes touched upon and we are providing a brief recap since this topic is close to the heart of all businesses.

4 deadly cybersecurity risks that threaten businesses

The cybersecurity landscape has been continuously evolving. All businesses, regardless of their size, need to be prepared in advance or face the unpleasant surprise of a security breach.

Five ways that data analytics can help SMEs in Singapore

Data, analytics, and insights. As social, mobile and cloud technologies become more prevalent, these words are thrown around a lot, but are these processes valuable only for big businesses or can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) benefit as well?

Global value added tax for electronically supplied services

Know your global obligations to collect and report accurately AUDIOCAST  |  September 29, 2017

Q3 2017 Information Technology Industry Spotlight

The information technology (IT) industry is currently creating the most change, and as a result, is staying the most relevant for all types of investors and fueling robust mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity. Consolidation is becoming a key factor in the industry  INSIGHT ARTICLE

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