Data Science

As a business owner, the idea of digitalisation and data analytics may seem overwhelmingly complex. From identifying pain points to providing tailored data science and technological solutions, our experts empower you by creating value and future-proofing your businesses.

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Business Intelligence

We deploy business intelligence tools to integrate data from multiple systems for real-time and interactive reporting of your financials KPIs and operational data. This enhances management overview of performance.


We provide you with robotic process automation (“RPA”) services to automate repetitive tasks such as data cleansing, merging, reconciliation, calculations as well as report generation and formatting.

Natural language processing

Using this technique, we help you analyse your customer’s online reviews, emails, or any unstructured text information to evaluate their sentiments and satisfaction with your products and services.

Artificial intelligence

We can help you apply artificial intelligence or advanced statistical techniques to draw deep insights based on your marketing, operational, customer, finance, or sales data.

Process enhancements

Using process mining techniques, we study your processes (e.g. purchase-to-pay) to identify non-compliance with internal policies, as well as potential bottlenecks in your processes.

Data warehousing

We can assist you to deploy ERP, CRM or operational systems to manage your data. We can also help you design data warehouses to consolidate information from various systems for integrative analysis.


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Our team

Our Data Science team, comprising a group of specialists with multi-disciplinary skills, helps our clients make better strategic and operational decisions by turning data into actionable insights.


Connected by a shared interest in technology and advanced analytics, we provide relevant and powerful data-driven business insights to tackle our clients’ most pressing challenges.

Experienced Across Industries

We are able to derive insights for various industries, ranging from retail, recreation clubs, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, to trading and financial services.

Creative & Energetic

Constantly seeking innovation, we ask ourselves difficult questions and push our limits to develop the best solution for our clients.



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