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Growth opportunities continue to remain abundant as ASEAN nations foster greater economic integration with the ASEAN Economic Community. As a growing number of international businesses continue to strengthen their footprint in the region, it paves the way for greater investment opportunities and partnerships in finance, infrastructure, manufacturing and other industries.

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RSM's ASEAN Desk specialises in helping businesses spearhead successful expansion into the region. We demystify challenges, highlight obstacles as well as give businesses the clarity needed to identify opportunities and crystalize their strategies.

Along with a network of local advisors, our on-the-ground experience gets your business started with the traction needed to start operations without delays.

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The Guidebook serves as a useful reference for business owners and investors seeking to learn more about ASEAN and its member states, as well as about existing regional initiatives and those that are still under negotiations. It aims to empower businesses looking to use Singapore as a springboard to the region and help them land confidently and on a firm footing.

To learn more about ASEAN, download your free copy of “Doing Business in ASEAN” HERE!

ASEAN Opportunities: Where should Singapore firms invest and why?

22 July 2020
While the overall business sentiment may be muted amidst the global economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ASEAN economy continues to see potential growth. The continuously tense US-China trade relations have led some US firms to shift their attention from China to other parts of Asia, largely benefiting the Southeast Asian market. 


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