F&B, retail and consumer products

F&B, retail and consumer products businesses are under great pressure in today’s dynamic environment to remain agile in response to frequent marketplace, technological and regulatory changes. Embracing new business models might be disruptive, yet sometimes necessary to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. The need to grow and manage margins and costs places additional pressure on businesses, sending a clear message to the management: either go lean or go extinct.

Meeting the needs of increasingly discerning consumers, staying compliant with the latest regulations, the tight labour supply, and rising rental and energy costs are among top concerns. Other key issues range from channel management, innovation, and business consolidation to internationalisation and the use of technology to boost efficiency, streamline operations and keep the supply chain lean.


At the same time, the pressure on businesses to stand out from the competition necessitates the delivery of an unrivalled consumer experience and over-delivery on product quality.

Strengthen Data Protection from Cyber Theft

While technological innovations make business processes and the delivery of goods and services much quicker and more efficient, they also come with serious considerations on privacy and security issues.

Start your online retail business in China

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many brick-and-mortar retailers and restaurants were placed under lockdown, as local governments enforce quarantine measures and restrict outdoor trips. As consumers fear being infected, they are also turning to online channels to get their necessities. It is predictable that the longer the crisis, the greater the likelihood of consumers gravitating towards online purchasing. From brand protection, regulation and compliance advisory to e-commerce solutions, we help foreign investors start their online retail business easily and quickly.

Retailers raise the bar with trending innovations

With the evolution of the retail industry—from brick-and-mortar operations to digitising of work processes—let us take a look at what some of the current trends are and how retailers have improved their operations with new innovations. 

How GST on imported services will impact F&B, retail and consumer products businesses

Find out what are the key areas that F&B, retail and consumer products businesses need to review to ensure they continue to remain compliant once the new GST rule takes effect.

Retailers learn how to exploit digital advancements at RSM workshop

Retailers heard from industry experts on how to exploit advancements in cloud computing, digitisation of B2B payments and data analytics to further enhance their competitiveness in an environment of heightened uncertainty at the RSM financial management workshop on 22 June 2016.