Private equity group

Maximising Value For Private Equity

As a private equity manager, you operate in an increasingly uncertain environment today. The constantly changing business landscape in Singapore and across the ASEAN region, coupled with tighter regulations and higher expectations from investors, puts you under increasing pressure to create value for your PE funds and portfolio companies. Whether your needs involve portfolio or fund-level management, transaction advisory or exit strategies, our team of dedicated private equity professionals across all service lines within the Firm, are ready to assist you with a full suite of services for the management of your funds, sourcing and supporting your transactions, and creating value for your portfolio companies.

'Uber of banking' sparks radical changes across industries

Financial technology is forcing a change in many of Singapore’s traditional sectors from financial services to consumer retail and investment.

A Handy Guide to Doing Business in China

Despite China's status as an attractive investment destination, foreign investors often face significant challenges in navigating its highly dynamic economic, legal and regulatory landscapes. The guide offers insights on these key issues and more.

Doing Business in ASEAN Guidebook

The "Doing Business in ASEAN" Guidebook serves as a useful reference for business owners and investors seeking to learn more about ASEAN and its member states, as well as about existing regional initiatives and those that are still under negotiations.