The accelerating pace of business and competition puts a constant strain on service businesses and professionals, draining the energy needed to keep up. In order to maintain an edge over the competition, many are turning to business partners to ease the burden of routine work as well as to find the right advice needed to grow their business in the right direction.

How we support?


Holistic and integrated services

Business transactions, acquisitions and even day-to-day operations often demand a blend of professional expertise across various disciplines to strategise and execute plans successfully.  

The time and effort it takes professional and business service firms to individually select and manage multiple business partners often ends up being a time-consuming and frustrating process. On top of that, individual advice dispensed by each business partner is often fragmented and may not synchronise or synergise with one another to form an all-rounded opinion.  

These result in a growing interest for a single business partner who is able to deliver synergistic services and advice. We have a multidisciplinary team of experts with proven track records, fully integrated to assist businesses in meeting their objectives.




 Audit & Tax Advisory


Business Solutions 

  • Litigation support
  • Tax planning and tax efficient structuring of investments, group reorganisation, cross-border transactions and transfer pricing-related issues
  • Cyber forensic investigation, data recovery and litigation support for electronic data
  • Corporate governance, risk management, technology advisory, internal auditing and business process improvements
  • Mergers and acquisitions ("M&A") or public offerings ("IPO")
  • Financial modeling, valuation and perform purchase price allocation ("PPA")  
  • Assurance services/audit
  • Tax and GST compliance including personal tax for your partners, key management personnel and employees, and GST review, analytics and GST risk management
  • Outsourcing of IT services
  • Outsourcing of accounting services including routine accounting, SWAT accounting and contract accounting
  • Fully managed payroll and benefits administrative services
  • Recruitment, executive search, contract staffing and employment pass application
  • Payroll audit, HR advisory services, payroll and HR cloud-based systems
  • Market entry advisory, advice on corporate structures, compliance and related business advisory 


Convenient single point of contact  

With a deeper appreciation of our clients' business, challenges and operations, we offer the convenience of a single point of contact whose mission is to better understand your needs, coordinate all solutions and deliverables, and keep you updated of their progress. This frees up your professional time and helps you avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple business partners.  

Tailored solutions  

The education sector (particularly in early development, nursery, childcare and kindergarten programmes and private education sector regulated by the Council for Private Education) has become more regulated in Singapore and the region.

The increased emphasis on accountability and transparency has left many institutions and schools lost and confused over how they can meet new expectations and comply with new requirements, as well as to inspire continued confidence from stakeholders and the public.

We can help clients in the education sector with various solutions, including external audit and certification, and IT process improvements and enhanced data security.

Our advantages


    One-stop shop. Full suite of support services for professional and business services



    High service standards by specialist teams



    Dedicated and experienced project managers



    Internationally active with ability to take on cross border engagements



    Alliances with technology, data, analytic and process partners




Helping businesses achieve more with their time  

While the professional and business services industry is formed by diverse sectors and have different drivers that contribute to growth, top challenges faced by businesses remain consistent. We help to alleviate the stress from these challenges and let businesses focus on strategic and revenue-generating activities.


PBS symbol 1 Maximise billable hoursFocus on revenue generation with outsourced accounting, payroll, and IT support 
PBS symbol 2 One-stop access to expert advice and specialistsLeverage the skills and expertise of our experts from a wide range of fields
PBS symbol 3 Peace of mind from continued regulatory complianceLet us deal with time-consuming and daunting compliance matters and accounting standards

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