Professional & business services

The accelerating pace of business and competition puts a constant strain on service businesses and professionals, draining the energy needed to keep up. In order to maintain an edge over the competition, many are turning to business partners to ease the burden of routine work as well as to find the right advice needed to grow their business in the right direction.

How systems and processes can transform business data into valuable and strategic information

From basic spreadsheets to tailored dashboards, the rudimentary purpose of management information (MI) systems is to record and report data.

Spotting the danger signs: How robust is your firm?

Financial matters are not always front of mind for partners and directors whose interests are typically more invested in the core activities of the business and delivering for clients.

Professional Services Firms Must Embrace Digital Agility

An influx of new digital technologies has created disruption across the professional services industry as firms evolve their business operations to become more efficient and improve client relationships.

Taking Action to Transform Your Business & Your Anxiety in COVID-19*

Lock Chee Wee, Partner of RSM, during his webinar held on 22 May 2020, emphasised the importance of performing business health checks, understanding the position businesses are in, and exploring financial relief options to survive this period. We were honored to have the 1st Vice President of Singapore Association for Private Education ("SAPE"), Professor Rhys Johnson, gave the opening address.

Automation's impact on margin and efficiency in professional services

Organisations functioning in the professional services and technology space such as consulting firms, software companies, architectural and engineering businesses, staffing agencies, public relations firms, advertising and marketing agencies, and more have unique needs to achieve their profitability goals.

GST considerations for digitised goods and services

Global e-commerce has been growing, on average, 20% each year and revenue in the Singapore "digitised goods" (e.g. digital video, digital music, digital games) market amounted to SGD406.3 million in 2015.

Singapore school boosts administrative and payment collection efficiency

An independent school in Singapore faced significant challenges in new student enrolment every year. The school administrator had to manually key in all newly enrolled students’ records from the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) School Cockpit System into the students’ database. In addition, the school administrator had to manually update the records of students who were promoted to new classes every year. As the majority of students make payments via GIRO for their monthly school fees and miscellaneous fees, these transactions were also manually updated on the school’s merchant bank portal. Much time and effort were spent to ensure that the students’ records were updated in a timely manner before the start of every new academic period and to meet GIRO submission deadlines. Seeking a solution, the school approached RSM’s IT Services team for assistance.

Higher education: You’re already a data breach target

Data breaches have hit all kinds of industries, from retail to financial services. For higher education institutions, the threat continues to rise. Article by Daimon Geopfert (Principal), RSM US  

Succession planning is key to professional services organizations

Organizations frequently indicate they should have a succession plan in place but don’t know where to begin. Learn more about how you can develop a plan in place that addresses departing leadership and key employees. Article by Christina Churchill (Principal), RSM US