Financial services

Registered and licensed fund management companies, financial advisers and funds are under continuous market and regulatory pressure. This, coupled with the dynamic nature of the industry – with its tightening regulatory environment, accelerating pace, and volatile markets – constantly challenges them to stay on top of their game.


Managing a fund is a complex and a multi-faceted task; choosing the right service provider and adviser can be crucial in delivering your strategy. Fund managers need the right level of support and advice in relation to considerations such as where they base and organise their operations, domicile their funds, target and service prospective investors. 

Being part of a well-regulated sector, fund managers need to balance the need to pursue profits and respect compliance obligations.

Singapore’s Digital Payments Ecosystem in a Post COVID-19 World

As we come out of the lockdown, how will the payments sector adapt in South East Asia and globally? Co-organised by Eversheds Sutherland, Eversheds Harry Elias and RSM  on 27 May 2020, the webinar explored the impact that COVID-19 has had on the payments sector globally and which of these trends are likely to continue post lockdown.

Payment Services Act

E-Payment solution is a key component of Singapore’s Smart Financial Centre vision where FinTech is an integral part of our lives. The Payment Services Act aims to drive the adoption of E-Payment solutions and enhance consumer safeguards.

Integrated CRM-ERP solution improves productivity and decision-making

A protection and indemnity insurance solution provider faced numerous internal control issues arising from its manual, inefficient process of drafting policy quotations and contracts on Word documents. Seeking a solution that would integrate management of policies, invoices and claims, the company turned to RSM’s IT services team for assistance.

Technology disruption and financial services companies

Consider opportunity and risk when harnessing new technologies  

Liquidity risk management practices for fund management companies

On 16 August 2018, MAS issued the Guideline No. SFA04-G08 “Guidelines on Liquidity Risk Management Practices for Fund Management Companies”.

An insider perspective on blockchain by Zilliqa

RSM interviewed Zilliqa's CEO and Head of Business Development who shared their insights on the topic of blockchain.

Business leaders share new strategies for quality and sustainable growth at RSM’s Welcome 2018 seminar

Thought leaders from DBS bank, Knight Frank and IPOS joined successful entrepreneurs from Benjamin Barker, Design Studio, Vault Dragon and Tradably to share new strategies that business leaders are relying on for quality and sustainable growth at our Welcome 2018 seminar on 2 February.

Understanding cybersecurity and the operational risks of cryptocurrency

While the price fluctuation for bitcoin, a type of cryptocrrency, garnered significant public interest in 2017, many fundamental questions remain on this subject. Questions such as: What are cryptocurrencies? Why are they so popular? And what are the key risks and challenges of investing in them right now?

'Uber of banking' sparks radical changes across industries

Financial technology is forcing a change in many of Singapore’s traditional sectors from financial services to consumer retail and investment. Financial technology, or FinTech, is forcing a change in many of Singapore’s traditional sectors. From financial services to consumer retail and investment, digital disruption is transforming a broad range of businesses. Fundamentally, the principles of financial services — to save, exchange, invest, finance and insure against risk — will remain unchanged. What is certain to change is how users address their needs through such services.

Managing the costs of compliance in Singapore

Singapore’s status as a premier financial hub places it at the crossroads of increasing capital flows between developed economies and re-emergent markets. While fund managers seek to ride this wave of opportunity, it is important to manage the costs of compliance and balance it with regulatory requirements and expectations of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to protect the reputation of our Little Red Dot as a preferred financial investment destination.