Longer life expectancies, together with ageing populations in Singapore and major cities across Asia, provide healthcare and pharmaceutical companies with a driving force for growth and expansion. The current pursuit of healthier lifestyles is also fuelling an increased appetite for healthcare products and services, creating new streams of revenue for healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses.

However, the rapid development and evolution of the industry also mean that new challenges present themselves under the least expected circumstances.

How we support?


  • Data analytics solutions that cover data management, big data, and advanced analytics, providing enterprise-wide visibility of business performance and actionable insights
  • Expertise in business analytics applications, data modelling, analytics implementation, and reporting
  • Support for BI products and tools from other technology providers
    • Tableau
    • Microsoft Power BI
    • Splunk Enterprise
    • Hadoop systems


We establish the value of businesses for commercial purposes such as buy/sell transaction pricing, internal management information and planning, litigation support and dispute resolution.

The use of a fair value model for financial reporting is increasingly common for various assets and liabilities. We offer valuation expertise in:

  • Valuation of financial instruments (FRS 32 and 39)
  • Impairment assessment (FRS 36)
  • Valuation of intangible assets (FRS 38)
  • Valuation of share-based payments (FRS 102)
  • Purchase price allocation (FRS 103)
  • Fair value measurement (FRS 113)

We assist to derive an indicative price before an acquisition strategy is developed. We also perform valuations of companies that measure potential synergies and highlight business risks and opportunities.

When it comes to litigation for business disagreements or marital dissolutions, an independent valuation may help to resolve issues. We support legal professionals in dispute resolution involving the valuation of a business or business interest, tangible or intangible assets and liabilities.

Intellectual property valuations can be instrumental in helping businesses to understand what their assets are and how they may affect their bottom line. Our valuation professionals are experienced in providing intellectual property valuations for transactional, structuring, tax or financial reporting purposes.

Fund or portfolio managers often have limited internal resources available to address complex and time-consuming valuation issues. We can assist them in the valuation of:

  • Senior, subordinated and mezzanine debt
  • Convertible securities and common equity
  • Warrants, options and other derivatives
  • Corporate guarantees


  • Proper accounting treatment that complies with the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Compliance with statutory requirements through audit services designed to provide reasonable assurance that the financial statements are not materially misstated and are presented fairly in accordance with applicable accounting standards as well as relevant statutory requirements
  • Right expertise in IPO grooming, transition and exit management to help businesses prepare for next stage of growth
  • Financial due diligence
  • Special audit of financial statements, compilation of financial statements and agreed upon procedures
  • Audit certifications required by various regulators (applicable to healthcare service providers regulated under Charities/IPCs):
    • Fund raising appeals
    • Annual return for tax-deductible receipts for IPC
    • Patient statistic audit
    • Medisave claims audit
    • Integrated framework funding (MOH) audit
    • Replacement ratio audit
    • Subvention grants audit

Information Technology Solutions

Our IT services arm offers expertise in:

  • ERP/CRM system
  • Data analytics
  • IT infrastructure
  • IT outsourcing
  • IT managed services
    • Disaster recovery
    • Managed backup
    • Security
    • System management & monitoring
    • Cloud computing
    • Advisory

Supporting Your Regional Expansion

While Singapore’s small population size limits longer term market potential, its well established infrastructure and capabilities across the entire industry value chain, from basic research & development to support services such as supply chain management and financing, provide a good platform for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to expand into emerging markets in the region.

Our international network affiliation allows us to tap into over 51,000 minds across 860 offices in 123 countries to assemble highly qualified teams of healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals with the relevant local experience to meet your unique business needs regionally and globally.

Why RSM?

  • Specialised healthcare and pharmaceutical practice
  • One-stop shop and dedicated specialist team
  • High partner, director and manager involvement
  • Global presence
  • Extensive experience in serving both Singapore and internationally active clients 
  • Shortage of skilled workforce
  • Escalating salaries
  • Rising operating costs
  • Pressure on pharmaceutical prices
  • Tightening regulatory environment
  • Patent expirations on leading products
  • Development of new drugs
  • Access to research funding

 Dealing with Unique Challenges

Today’s healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses often find themselves knee-deep in administrative and routine work that arise from the need to deal with these challenges, draining valuable time and manpower. The increasingly complex legal and regulatory frameworks as well as an ever-changing marketplace also leave businesses lost and often without the required in-house expertise to react with sufficient speed.

Our clients include:

  • Life sciences companies
  • Pharmaceutical businesses
  • Medical technology businesses
  • Healthcare services

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