Logistics & transportation

transportation_shipment_shipping_transit_transport_complex_white - Copy.pngTo meet the growing and ever-changing demands of the supply chain as well as technological advances in the sector, logistics service providers have to adapt quickly. The need to embrace new business strategies and align themselves with the government’s Logistics Industry Transformation Map is crucial to carve out new avenues of profits as well as retain their competitive edge.

As logistics providers expand internationally, we help them explore new ventures with the support of our global network of experts, ensuring that they are in good hands.
From helping to achieve growth strategies, optimise opportunities and improve performance to keeping back-office functions greased and running smoothly, clients rely on our technical expertise, industry knowledge and rich experience to ease the increasing pressures they face.

GST pain points in the logistics industry

GST-registered logistics businesses (“GRLBs”) that have been managing GST risk on a broad level could face a mismatch in expectations and GST compliance level against that of the GST authorities.

Transport and logistics threats and opportunities following Brexit

Transport and logistics could be one of the sectors hit hardest by the vote to leave the EU, from both a practical and economic point of view. The impact may be immediate for some businesses.

Maritime firm enhances decision-making efficiency and information security

A key player in Singapore’s highly regulated maritime industry needed a robust Event Log Management/Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system for audit compliance.