15 January 2021
“For decades, China has dominated global supply chains because of its infrastructure capabilities and sophisticated manufacturing ecosystem. Nevertheless, due to rising labor costs, the U.S.-China trade war and the outbreak of COVID-19,...
8 January 2021
Find out more about NPO GST registration myths as we debunk them to help your NPO aligns with local GST legislation. 
14 December 2020
When making an acquisition, the management team to be inherited, if any, is as important as the business acquired. The management team sets the tone at the top and drives the culture of the business acquired. 
1 December 2020
Many M&A transactions are negotiated on a cash-free, debt-free basis, by both the buyer and the vendor. Before the final agreement between both parties, it is important to identify all the underlying issues on cash- and debt-like items to...
27 November 2020
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has vaulted our world years ahead in terms of customer and business digital adoption, in a matter of a short few weeks.
11 November 2020
Numerical ratings directly provided by consumers can be unreliable as there is a human tendency to overrate. Using NLP techniques, our clients can form a better understanding of the true sentiments felt by their customers over time.
11 November 2020
With the deployment of this programme, staff no longer need to manually match the bank records and match it with the accounting entry before updating it. The solution can reconcile information more accurately and quickly, leaving the staff to...
11 November 2020
This work demonstrated that untapped potential of using data and artificial intelligence can derive powerful insights that even experienced hoteliers might not be aware of. With the newly acquired insights, our client can now have a deeper...
11 November 2020
Our client operates a business that requires several monthly reports to be prepared and presented for each of its business units.  Our solution boosted the efficiency of our client’s monthly reporting process and the accuracy of their business...
11 November 2020
Our client owns multiple investment portfolios managed by different asset managers. Every month, each asset manager would issue a monthly report in PDF format. With this new automated system in place, it boosted the efficiency of financial and ...