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Want to kick start your own Data Analytics journey?

Start with our Data Analytics rapid assessment.

RSM provides a diagnostic evaluation of how Data Analytics is used to drive improved business performance.

At RSM, we help clients optimise the foundational elements required to build a data analytics function, with a view to becoming a more data driven and insight led organisation, delivering value to the business and your customers.

What is the rapid data analytics assessment?

RSM’s rapid assessment captures information from key stakeholders through interviews, a survey and documentation review. We then compile findings, assess against our analytics maturity framework, and identify initiatives that will bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to be. We will then identify and assess business led initiatives with you and priorities based on agreed criteria.

We provide you with a report summarizing findings of the assessment.


How can we help you?

What is covered in the Rapid data analytcs assessment?

We provide a report with practical initiatives that will quickly set you on the right track for success, focusing on business outcomes and building your own data analytics capability