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Your business is truly unique, which is why it's crucial to partner with professionals who deeply understand your business. 

At RSM, our dedicated business tax accountants and advisory team takes the time to fully comprehend the intricacies of your business. 

With our wealth of global expertise and years of experience, we meticulously design customised solutions, roadmaps, strategies, and insights that harmoniously align with and elevate your distinct goals and tax obligations.


Whether you're a sole trader, a small-to-medium-sized private business or a family-owned establishment, we're here to streamline your business processes, offer well-informed guidance, and provide innovative ideas precisely when you need them. 

Our continuous year-round support assistance in business strategy, business advisory, tax consultation, private and family office services, including wealth management, combined with our teams in risk consultation and audit and assurance practices, amplifies the benefits that the RSM network offers to you as a small business owner.


business owner overseeing a publicly-listed company, a small-to-medium-sized private enterprise, a family-owned establishment.

We're committed to remaining fully engaged with you at every phase of your journey – our operational values are founded on a culture of continuous improvement and a commitment to constantly exceed client expectations, via a collaborative partnership, ensures that our business advisory services truly cater to your needs.

With a history spanning over a century, RSM Australia has remained steadfast in its commitment to bolstering Australian businesses. Our collaborative approach has seen us working closely with clients across the country, standing by you during tough times and sharing in your successes. 
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While we provide peace of mind through taking care of the usual business accounting and tax compliance matters, our real value lies in helping you address business challenges and uncover opportunities. 

We do this by developing a deep understanding of your needs, challenges and ambitions − taking a proactive approach in working with you across all facets of the business. By offering fresh insights and perspectives, combined with practical and pragmatic business advice, we can help you make critical decisions with confidence.    
Whether it’s working with you to protect your assets, fund your business growth, or develop an exit business strategy to maximise your return for a comfortable retirement, our advisory services devise practical solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Developing a business strategy to navigate the changing environment is an area we work on very closely with our clients.   

New technologies and products have changed the way we do business more in the last twenty years than the previous hundred. Entire industries have arisen and disappeared in a rapidly changing environment that is still accelerating. From the corner store to a media empire, no-one is unaffected, but whoever adapts, survives and thrives.          
So how do you navigate your business through interesting times? RSM business strategies aren’t documents that are read and filed away. They are adaptive tools that you can put to use every day to keep you focussed on your purpose, deliver on your promise, steer your business on its mission and stay true to its vision

Cloud accounting is revolutionising not only how companies manage their accounts but also how accountants are able to maintain and access business intelligence.             

It is well past the 'new' stage with many mature products and services now available, offering world class, real time dashboards for your business at a relatively low entry cost. We’ve already helped many businesses make the switch to the cloud.    
Don’t think that your systems are too unique, complex or different, because we’ll take the time to know the way you work and provide prompt, honest advice.nt that is still accelerating. From the corner store to a media empire, no-one is unaffected, but whoever adapts, survives and thrives.             

Outsource your accounting and finance function and focus on your business goals instead.             

RSM can help you streamline your accounting systems and processes through both traditional accounting and our digital solutions available. Our services provide solutions for day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll administration, accounts maintenance, management reporting, taxation and corporate compliance, forecasting and advisory needs.      
Cloud today’s SME environment there is more to tax than just structuring, that’s why we take a 360 degree approach. Failure to comply and manage tax obligations could result in unexpected penalties and additional tax.       

That’s why we never underestimate the importance of tax compliance with clients, and ensure obligations, as well as the deadlines that come with them are met. The suite of tax compliance services we offer include: 
  • Income tax return preparation and review
  • Fringe benefits tax return preparation and review
  • Payroll tax advice and return preparation
  • Transfer pricing benchmarking studies and documentation
  • Co-ordination of global tax compliance requirements 



From an independent and unbiased perspective, we provide a flexible and integrated family office service designed to meet your unique family wealth circumstances and vision. We take into account all of your needs, to instil confidence and a sense of comfort in managing your affairs.          

As your trusted adviser we act as the central hub for the management of your tax, wealth transfer, risk management, lifestyle and family financial reporting needs, ensuring that decisions and professional relationships necessary to safeguard and grow your wealth are centrally managed and coordinated.     
For us, it’s about establishing long-term relationships built on trust. Trust that you can rely on us to deliver the insights, services and resources to assist you to manage your affairs. We believe that when our clients trust that we fully understand what’s important to them and back it up with genuine counsel and support, they are more confident in the choices they make.

Superannuation can be a major vehicle for wealth accumulation in your life. But it’s important to understand where your super money is going so you can take specific measures to maximise your return.           

It’s also important to structure your investments according to the level of risk you are comfortable accepting. Super funds usually have various risk options you can choose from. With so many funds and options to choose from, it's important to take the time to set up a superannuation strategy that is right for you. The set up of  a self-managed super fund (SMSF) can be an appealing option for business owners and individuals who want to control their superannuation assets. Operating as a trust, with you as the trustee and member, this option also enables other family members to join, paying their contributions into the SMSF/s bank account.      
Once you have money in your fund, it needs to be invested to help you generate a return. Each type of investment carries its own potential risks and rewards and the investment portfolio you select will impact how much money you end up with when you reach retirement.

Business people, whether primary producers, manufacturers, retailers or others, must all consider the succession planning and estate planning of their business.            

The impact of a poorly planned succession can be substantial in terms of taxation, administrative costs, relationships and stress, so it is essential to plan for the future handover of your business. Those SME owners who opt for a well-planned succession enjoy greater benefits, both financial and personal.       
Our succession planning consultants help SME owners plan and execute the smooth succession of their business, whether it be to new owners, the next family generation or upon their death or incapacity. As required, we draw on the advice of solicitors for legal issues.

Adelaide Business Advisers and Qualified Accountants


Matthew Gordge

Matthew Gordge, the Managing Partner of the Adelaide office, is a highly experienced Director in the Business Advisory division, with over 15 years of expertise in providing business, taxation, and superannuation services to small and medium-sized family businesses and individuals.

Matthew's approach involves building strong client relationships to offer not just compliance work but also valuable business and planning advice. He embraces cutting-edge cloud technology to access real-time client data for enhanced service delivery, offering a range of solutions such as tax planning, financial statement preparation, self-managed superannuation funds, business advisory, and succession planning, all while consistently delivering exceptional results and tailored guidance.   LEARN MORE >>


Brad Loftus

Brad Loftus, Partner at RSM Adelaide, brings over two decades of experience in the accounting industry to provide comprehensive support across various business needs.

His analytical approach involves evaluating current business structures to offer unique solutions that align with each client's specific needs. Brad is motivated by simplifying complexities and reducing stress for his clients in both their business and personal lives. His solutions encompass strategic and tactical reviews, entity structuring advice, acquisition/divestment planning, balance sheet management, self-managed superannuation fund compliance, and much more.   LEARN MORE >>

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Whether it's working with you to protect your assets, find your business growth, or develop an exit strategy to maximise your return for a comfortable retirement, our Business Advisory team can help you achieve your goals.