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Expert financial advice in Brisbane to help you manage voluntary administration.

Voluntary Administration Brisbane


Voluntary administration, or voluntary administration (VA), is a process that occurs when a company’s directors or secured creditors become aware that the company is facing financial trouble.

When a company is unable to pay its bills and is in danger of losing money, the directors of that company can appoint a voluntary administrator to investigate the condition of the company and suggest solutions to its problems.

Voluntary administration is a common scenario that can arise due to a range of financial difficulties.

Voluntary administration enables a company to stay in business while being placed in the hands of an independent person.

Whether you're a sole trader or a large company, voluntary administration is a process that requires expert advice and considered management.

Unlike liquidation, voluntary administration offers you a chance to start fresh and create new business opportunities. If you're struggling financially, we can help to assess your current situation, compare your options, and come up with the best plan of attack for the future. 



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Mitchell is a Partner of the Restructuring & Recovery division and heads up RSM's Restructuring & Recovery division in Brisbane. Mitchell is a registered Liquidator with over 17 years’ experience in the insolvency profession and has been with RSM since 2004.

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