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Looking for a career in Accounting?

We are offering $7500 scholarships to help you transition to university.



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We understand how difficult it is to relocate from regional Australia to study and start your career at a city university.

We are offering three scholarships to first year university students who have relocated from a Western Australia regional or rural area to study.

The RSM scholarship provides you with financial support for costs related to your University degree and living arrangements. You will also have the opportunity to gain practical experience through paid employment during your university breaks at our regional offices.

Winners will receive:

money_icon_green.png Once off payment of $5,000 upon receipt of your scholarship
book_icon_green.png Up to $500 each semester towards the costs of your textbooks
briefcase_icon_green.png Paid employment during your university breaks to gain practical accounting experience
people_icon_green.png Ability to work with a diverse range of clients in your local area
chat_icon_green.png Networking opportunities within the industry

Sam Galati -

icon-finance-16.pngThe RSM Regional Scholarship was a great initiative in order to give me an insight into my degree before completing it.

Not only does it financially assist you as a university student, but it also provides the ability to receive work experience which is more valuable than anything.

icon-finance-16.pngSince the accounting industry is very competitive, this scholarship allowed me to have that competitive advantage over other graduates seeking accounting jobs. I have now been working full time at RSM in Bunbury since completing my degree, and without doubt it was all because of this scholarship!

- Sam Galati

Rebecca Bowron -

icon-finance-16.pngThe RSM Regional Scholarship assisted me with some of the costs associated with attending University in the City, as well as allowing me to gain invaluable paid work experience throughout my university studies. The scholarship was unique in that I was able to gain work experience at both the RSM Perth Office while I was at Uni and the RSM Bunbury Office when I returned home for the semester breaks.

icon-finance-16.pngThe work experience and exposure to the industry assisted in my understanding the concepts I was learning at Uni and allowed me to apply those skills in a practical work place environment. I have now been with RSM for 4 years after successfully obtaining a grad position in my chosen field and the support RSM has provided me over the years has been invaluable. I would recommend any regional students interested in accounting to apply for RSM’s Regional Scholarship, have a go as the rewards and experiences will set you on the right path for your career.

Kane Zaknich -

icon-finance-16.pngThe RSM Regional Scholarship allowed me to get a step ahead in the accounting profession straight from high school. The paid work experience not only assisted in my university degree, but it also allowed me to hit the ground running once my degree was completed. It can take quite some time in an accounting role before you are exposed to all of the areas of the profession, so the early work experience is the most valuable benefit of the scholarship.

icon-finance-16.pngThe scholarship funding also greatly assisted with the cost of university, especially the cost of relocating to the city. This allows for a little less time worrying about money, and a little more time to invest on your degree.

I have now been with RSM for 8 years and have since relocated from our Moora office to our Perth Tax Division. I recommend the scholarship to any regional students who are currently enrolling in university if they are looking to fast-track their education and career.

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