Capital Veneering's Growth Journey with RSM

Capital Veneering is a leading manufacturer of custom-pressed veneer work and furniture, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The company started as a small venture in 2000, with two founders working in a shed in Fishwick. Today, it operates from a 4,000-square-meter facility and employs over 60 full-time staff. 

When it came time to scale up their production with innovative technology, the team at Capital Veneering knew they had to invest their money wisely. They partnered with RSM to take advantage of our strategic advisory services to guide their decisions.

"RSM has been instrumental in our growth, really a business partner, instrumental in our major decision making and our strategic planning within our organization." Ben Madden, Managing Director, Capital Veneering.



Automation and Efficiency

Capital Veneering's success story is driven by their commitment to automation, which involves investing in advanced technology and machinery. RSM played a supportive role, preparing business plans and detailed cost-benefit analysis to help them make the right choices. This strategy has enabled them to increase their productivity, quality and profitability, as well as attract and retain skilled workers. 

"RSM supported us through those decisions. They assisted us by putting together a business plan and cost-benefit analysis to allow us to make informed decisions when we look at those major commitments to assist and improve our business." Ben Madden, Managing Director, Capital Veneering.

Succession Planning

As the company transitions to a new generation of shareholders, it faces new challenges. Through their partnership with RSM, they are supported to face these new challenges with confidence. RSM is helping Capital Veneering navigate succession planning whilst aligning with long-term strategic goals. Our team provides expert advice and guidance on key decisions that affect the future of the organisation. 

"The succession planning of the business and the strategic planning longer term is a real focus for us. And RSM as our business partner really provides advice and guidance around some of those significant decisions within our organisation." Ben Madden, Managing Director, Capital Veneering.

Value of strong partnerships

Capital Veneering’s journey exemplifies the power of a strong partnership with RSM. It showcases collaborative efforts in strategic planning, financial management, and adapting to industry challenges, contributing to the sustained success of Capital Veneering.

“I think that any sort of business could work with RSM, the why is if you want to have a successful business you need to surround yourself with professional people to provide the advice and guidance you need to navigate the challenges for starting a small business.” Ben Madden, Managing Director, Capital Veneering.



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