In June 2023, our Gosford team organised a Property and Superannuation event with a primary focus on providing guidance for property investments, the latest insights on superannuation, and comprehensive data and research on the property sector.

The topics covered included:

  • Strategic Insight and Key Trends in the Property and Real Estate Sector:
    Luke Crawford, the Director of Research at Colliers, shared strategic insights and discussed the latest trends in the property and real estate sector. This session likely provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the industry's current landscape.
  • Superannuation and Your Property Portfolio:
    Katie Timms, the National Director of Superannuation & SMSF Services at RSM Australia, delivered a presentation on the relationship between superannuation and property investments. This session likely addressed how individuals can leverage their superannuation funds to enhance their property portfolios.
  • Structuring for Property Investments:
    Adam Crowley, a Partner and National Leader for Property and Construction at RSM, focused on providing guidance on structuring property investments effectively. Attendees likely gained insights into the best practices and strategies for optimizing their property investments.


It was great to spend the afternoon providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of property investments, superannuation, and the latest trends in the property sector.