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Operational performance. Investment. Risk management and compliance.

Manufacturing remains critically important to both the developing and the advanced world. In many countries the sector is in a state of transition: growing in emerging economies; shrinking but becoming more productive in advanced economies.

Some markets compete on cost, others on technology and innovation.




Jessica Olivier
National Leader, Manufacturing


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RSM are experts in providing assistance to businesses in the manufacturing industry

RSM Manufacturing Services

RSM is passionate about working with manufacturing businesses across the country with a focus on helping businesses and the communities in which they operate build capability and thrive in a post-pandemic economy.

At RSM, we continue to act as the trusted advisor for small manufacturing businesses, who are looking to commercialise new products and expand into new global markets, through to established listed manufacturing businesses.

Combining our global industry knowledge, deep resources, and personalised service, we offer solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximise profitability.

RSM are experts in providing assistance to businesses in the manufacturing industry

Our goal is to empower the brightest minds in the industry to do their best work, by providing the necessary support to enable their success.

Rapidly advancing technology is changing the way we design and produce goods at an unprecedented scale.

RSM’s manufacturing team comprises tech-savvy thought leaders who bring their extensive experience to the table to assist our clients with their endeavours in this sector.

Our aim is to help you accelerate your success by laying strong foundations, facilitating valuable connections, and being a trusted sounding board - so you can make progress with confidence.

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RSM offers Workplace assurance advice

Wage complexity in the manufacturing sector

31 January 2023
Employers have faced constant challenges with wage and superannuation compliance as high-profile underpayments and instances of non-compliance continue to occur.

The significance of an ERP in the Manufacturing Industry

17 January 2023
A healthy economy requires a productive and competitive manufacturing sector. The benefits of local manufacturing extend beyond the (significant) economic gains. A thriving Australian manufacturing industry also boosts our national development and resilience.

Bosch acquires supercar tech supplier MoTeC

15 September 2022
RSM’s Corporate Finance team has advised on the sale of the MoTeC Group to Bosch for an undisclosed sum.  

Case Study: CleanSubSea

26 July 2022
On a mission to protect marine biodiversity and combat climate change, the innovative team at CleanSubSea has developed a unique, new, in-water hull cleaning technology for the maritime, oil and gas, and defence sectors.

Luxury Car Tax – a luxury for who?

20 April 2022
Luxury Car Tax was introduced in 2001 by the Howard Government as a measure to protect the local car manufacturing industry from foreign imports after the introduction of the GST.  Luxury vehicles were previously taxed at higher rates under the Wholesale Sales Tax and under the introduction of GST, the Wholesale Sale Tax was removed, and a new taxation method was introduced.

Rapid Antigen Tests – Tax deductibility myths debunked

4 January 2022
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told the media in recent days that rapid antigen tests (RATs) for COVID-19 are 'tax deductible'. 

Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) | Round 2 (Integration)

13 December 2021
Integration Stream - Round 2 The Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) is a $1.3 billion initiative targeted at all businesses growing Australia’s Manufacturing capacity, building scale, and supply chain resilience.

What the proposed Patent Box regime could do for Australian manufacturing businesses

7 December 2021
In the 2021 Federal Budget, the Australian Government announced plans to introduce our nation’s first Patent Box regime. The regime, which already exists in more than 20 other countries, aims to encourage patent development and its associated research and development (R&D) in Australia.

Protect the future of your business with security certification

2 December 2021
Cybersecurity is a real risk and one that needs to be considered and managed effectively in order to protect the future of your business. 

NextGen Manufacturing Webinar – Export | September 2021

15 September 2021
In partnership with AMGC, Investment NSW and Flavourtech, RSM Australia were proud to present the first in a series of webinars focussed on helping manufacturing businesses adapt, thrive and grow in these challenging times.  RSM Australia continues to invest in building capability within manufacturers across Regional Australia as these businesses strive to commercialise new products and expand into new markets. This recording provides you with an insight and guidance on practical considerations of Export Manufacturing as well as reflections on the export journey of multiple export award-winning business Flavourtech.

Case Study: Quality Global Supply (QGS)

12 April 2021
When successful entrepreneur Karl Lijun Qin set out to save bees by increasing the consumption of honey, he had no idea his honey powder invention would one day be a prime candidate for use as space food. 

The Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI)

10 March 2021
The Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) is a $1.3bn initiative targeted at all businesses growing Australia’s Manufacturing capacity, building scale, and supply chain resilience.