Round Two of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) ‘Carbon for Farmers Voucher Program’ opened on 25 August 2023. 

Applications for this program close on 29 September 2023. 

Farmers in the south west land division who have not previously received a voucher in Round One of the program last year are eligible to apply.

Round Two includes an expansion of the list of eligible Service Providers, which now includes RSM.  These service providers have been approved by DPIRD to provide quotes for the use of these vouchers.  carbon_farming

As a Service Provider, RSM will draw upon its extensive knowledge of agribusiness across Australia to help assist farmers understand the financial implications and feasibility of carbon farming on their land.  

Embarking on a carbon farming project is a long-term strategy that may have short term cashflow and taxation impacts on a farming business.  It is also important to consider any longer-term impacts on matters such as land transfers, succession planning and business structures.  

Farmers may be looking at sequestering carbon on their farm, integrating carbon farming into their farming practices or embarking on a longer-term project that may see them generating Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU’s) in the future.

Ensuring that you have gathered information and advice before commencing a carbon farming project is critical.  This may involve engaging a number of Service Providers from the approved list, which is why RSM have partnered with Carbon Sync as part of their ‘Carbon for Farmers Advice Package’ as one way of utilising this voucher.

RSM provides a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) service across Australia with experts across a variety of sectors working together to partner with farmers as they embark on their carbon farming journey. 

For more information on the carbon for Farmers Voucher Program, visit the DPIRD website.  



Please contact Judy Snell or Jo Gilbert or your local RSM office for a quote or assistance completing your application.