Start Up Insights - R&D Tax Claims

Steve Elias and Gavin Stacey are featured in the latest podcast from Start Up News.

Steve and Gavin each have helped hundreds of local startups on their R&D tax claims, grant applications, ESIC, planning, advisory and fund-raising. They share their insights on what it takes to make a successful startup.

“When I first started in R&D tax 15 years ago, you wouldn’t believe it, but not a lot of companies knew about the program, despite the fact that it’s been around since 1986. So very much a niche area. I feel like history’s repeating itself with the ESIC. It’s only in existence for 5 years, and the word is only getting out in the street now…” ~ Steve Elias.

Start up Insights - R&D Tax Claims

Based in our Perth office, Steve Elias is a Principal in the Tax Services division, providing specialist R&D tax incentive consulting services.

Gavin Stacey is a Senior Manager in our Perth office, assisting start-up clients by commercialising their ideas and dealing with any and every type of business, tax, or financial hurdles they may face along their journey.

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