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The Carbon Capture, Use and Storage Hubs and Technologies Program (CCUS) is a $250 million initiative that runs over 10 years to 30 June 2031 and is targeted at businesses that have a focus on supporting collaboration and innovation in CCUS technologies and the identification and development of viable CO2 storage sites.

It is a key component of the $1.2 billion technology co-investment facility established through the 2021-22 Federal Budget to incentivise private investment in technologies outlined in the Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap.


  • Reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • Contributing to effective global action on climate change
  • Supporting technological innovation in clean and renewable energy

THE OBJECTIVES OF THE TECHNOLOGIES STREAM ARE TO:The Carbon Capture, Use and Storage Hubs and Technologies Program (CCUS)

  • Drive cost reduction in deploying CCUS at scale through innovative advancements in CCUS technologies.
  • Progress the deployment of CCUS projects from R&D towards commercial operation.
  • Foster domestic and international collaboration to research, develop or commercialise CCUS technologies.
  •  Improve knowledge of viable large-scale CCS hub sites in Australia, particularly in proximity to potential Clean Hydrogen Industrial Hubs or clean LNG production facilities.


The CCUS Technologies Stream will provide co-funded grant amounts of between $1m to $30m with the grant amount to be up to 50% of eligible project expenditure.

The grant opportunity will support projects with the following focus areas:

  •  Researching, developing or commercialising carbon capture and storage technologies;
  • Researching, developing or commercialising CO2 utilisation technologies; or
  • Feasibility and geological studies into new potential CO2 storage locations.

Open date: 11, October 2021

Close date: 8, November 2021 at 5pm AEDT

Download the eligibility guidelines here >>

For more information

If you have any questions or require further information on eligibility, please contact Jessica Olivier (Sydney) or Steve Elias (Perth) to discuss this in more detail.

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