KRACK Wi-Fi exploit highlights core vulnerabilities of the internet

Mind the KRACK - How the KRACK Wi-Fi exploit highlights the core vulnerabilities of the internet.

KRACK (Key Reinstallation AttaCK) is a severe replay attack on the Wi-Fi Protected Access protocol that secures Wi-Fi connections and targets the third step in a four-way authentication “handshake” performed when your Wi-Fi client device attempts to connect to a protected Wi-Fi network.vulnerabilities

RSM’s Cyber expert, Michael Shatter (National Director, Security and Privacy Risk Services) discusses with Daimon Geopfert, National Leader of Security and Privacy (RSM US) how the KRACK Wi-Fi exploit highlights the core vulnerabilities of the internet. 

Recent vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi devices (which is referred to as the KRACK vulnerability) highlights that there is a change in the ‘threat actor space’. The old model would target specific technologies with individual vulnerabilities however, the new model is starting to target the core functionality of the internet rather than individual pieces at a time. 

The lesson learned is that we are starting to see an erosion of trust from the foundational elements of the internet.

What do you need to be looking out for?

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Michael Shatter
Partner - Melbourne

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