Award-winning ACT and NSW-based construction company – Project Coordination (Australia) Pty Ltd – today entered voluntary administration.  

Company Directors – father and son, Paul and Gavin Murphy – today appointed RSM Australia Partners Jonathon Colbran, Frank Lo Pilato and Brett Lord as joint and several Administrators of the company.  

The long-standing family-run company, which is in its 50th year of operation, specialised in the construction and management of small and large-scale public and private buildings and infrastructure in key sectors. 

The Directors advised staff of their decision at two separate meetings at the company’s Canberra and Wollongong offices. They also released a statement (linked here) explaining their “soul-destroying decision”.

Mr Colbran said the majority of the company’s 67 staff – 38 of whom are based in the ACT and 29 in NSW – had been made redundant and would receive the majority of their employee entitlements immediately.  The balance of any entitlements will rank as a priority debt of the company.

“A small team of about 12 staff will be retained to help the Administrators with their work. The Company Directors have also committed to working alongside us to collect monies owed to the Company and to help get projects moving again as quickly as possible,’’ he said. 

“Prior to our appointment, the Company was working on 14 building projects – 10 in the ACT and four in NSW which are at various stages of construction, from design and early works to some nearing completion. All work on these sites ceased immediately prior to the appointment of the Administrators.”

RSM Australia Partners have taken steps to secure project sites and will this week contact Project Principals, customers and other creditors to advise them of their appointment and next steps. 

Mr Colbran said the Company Directors had advised RSM that despite having a healthy pipeline of future work – in the order of $90 million – they did not have enough funds to continue operating. Project Coordination (Australia) Pty Ltd entered voluntary administration

“Despite injecting a significant amount of their own personal money into the company the Directors advised me that losses incurred from fixed price contracts combined with escalating subcontractor, supplier and operating costs had negatively impacted the company financially,’’ he said. 

Mr Colbran said RSM’s initial review of the company’s books and records, that are still being reconciled, had identified more than 200 creditors. These creditors are owed more than $20 million, with the majority of these debts being less than two months old. 

“These numbers are preliminary and are likely to change over the coming weeks as we undertake detailed investigations into the company’s financial affairs,’’ he said. 

Project Coordination is the latest in a series of high-profile company insolvencies RSM Australia Partners, including Mr Colbran, have been appointed to in the ACT, NSW, QLD and VIC, including the PBS Group and Langford Jones Homes.

RSM will write to creditors this week advising them the first meeting of creditors will be held on 2 April 2024 virtually and in-person in Canberra. 


Creditors affected by the administration of Project Coordination should contact RSM via email at [email protected]. Former employees should contact RSM via email at [email protected].