At RSM, our team of audit specialists and technical experts focus on the bigger picture.

We understand that audits are more than just evaluations and maintenance of financial statements. As such, RSM provides audit services that explain your business’s history, manage the present state of affairs and build a plan for the future.

In addition to this, all of the Audit services provided by RSM give your organization’s stakeholders (including the board, shareholders, customers and bankers) tailored insights to help make critical business decisions with confidence.

Reliable information is the basic prerequisite for confidence in the value of an organisation; for the investor, the public and the organisation itself.

A thorough independent audit of an organisation's financial report provides the basis for this confidence.

Our Audit and Assurance team do more than deliver technically excellent auditing services.   
They know that in order to offer a true and fair view of your business, they need a thorough understanding of your individual requirements.

Audit & assurance services in Canberra

Financial reporting & advice

Our experts provide financial reporting and auditing advice to a huge variety of companies. No matter how little or large your business, a thorough grasp of current accounting and financial reporting standards is vital. RSM will help you to stay one step ahead by providing quality, relevant reporting and advice.

Audit & assurance services in Canberra

Regulatory technical advice

We use our expertise to advise our clients on compliance with regulatory requirements. Our team are fully up to date with these requirements, allowing us to give advice that is accurate and pragmatic.

Audit & assurance services in Canberra

CFO Advisory Services

Working with your CFO and finance teams, we draw from years of experience to delivery fit-for-purpose solutions that solve your organisation's biggest challenges.

Audit & assurance services in Canberra

Financial statement audits

We deliver financial statement audit services that establish the integrity and reliability of the information provided, working closely with your audit committee, CFO and accounting staff. We identify your business’s key risks and the pivotal internal controls that will help to minimise them.

Audit & assurance services in Canberra

US UGG audit compliant

Our specialist team have experience and expertise in providing assurance advice to the higher education sector. We have undertaken UGG audits at three large universities and successfully acquitted many specific purpose grants.

Audit & assurance services in Canberra

External Audit

An external audit determines whether, in the auditor's opinion, the statements present fairly in all material respects. We provide Finance Directors with certainty to help them manage risk and improve operations, as well as ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations.


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