Alyson Spencer
Accountant - Bunbury

Alyson Spencer is an Accountant in the Bunbury office of RSM Australia. 

She began her career at RSM recently, entering as a Graduate in the Business Advisory division in 2022.

Alyson primarily works with sole traders and emerging technology companies who are looking to expand their business. Within both these fields, Alyson provides research on opportunities surrounding improvement of business practices and business optimisation. Furthermore, she is adept in business structures and provides guidance to clients who are having difficulty choosing a structure that is suitable for their operations.

"I enjoy the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of the accounting industry."

Alyson conducts her best work when things are most stressful. She thrives in 'chaos' as is able to understand the needs and desires of her clients and deliver timely solutions that offer tangible results. She also remains cool, calm and collected under tense situations enabling her to maintain her high standard of work. 

Prior to her embarking on a career with RSM, she worked as a mobile telecommunications technician for retail and small businesses. 

Outside of work, Alyson has a passion for hockey and tries to play as much as she can! She is also an avid camper who enjoys the bush.


Alyson provides expert knowledge in the following areas:


  •    Currently undertaking Graduate Diploma CA
  •    Bachelor of Accounting & Finance (Curtin University)

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