Our People


Grant comes from a diverse accounting background, having worked in local government, construction, transport, and farming sectors which gives him a greater understanding of his clients’ individual requirements.

His extensive practical knowledge of budgeting and project analysis, management reporting, GST, Fringe Benefits Tax, and Financial Reporting gives him the ability to develop a close working relationship with small business owners, working towards their financial and personal goals.

“Seeing clients become successful in their ventures by taking an idea and being able to help them implement and grow a concept is rewarding.”

In delivering continued support to clients, Grant has been proactive delivering cloud-based Accounting and Business services. Grant is a certified Xero Adviser and  QuickBooks online, as well as a Certified Figured adviser.

As a massive Star wars fan, Grant knows that for many businesses, poor management isn’t a product of evil — it’s just the symptom of a system that needs improvement. Grant is passionate about the use of technology to allow business owner to let them be more effective in their business. At the same time, Grant thinks you might want spare some sympathy for Darth Vader — especially in Return of the Jedi as Vader arrives at the only half-built Death Star to determine why the project was so far behind schedule. Perhaps with a more effective technology solution, the project would have been delivered on time and on budget!

In his spare time, Grant also volunteers his time and expertise in his local community as the Treasurer of the South West Autism Network.

Solutions Grant provides

  • Cloud Accounting Solutions  (including Cloud Intergration, Cloud Addons, Xero Certified Adviser and Certified Figured Adviser)basic_illustrations-02-evolution_of_tax-crop.png
  • Taxation planning & compliance
  • Cash Flow modeling & budget development
  • Business structures advice
  • Business review

Significant projects

  • Presenter at the Small Business Centre and hosts regular seminars on cashflow, taxation, business analysis and superannuation.
  • Treasurer of the South West Autism Network


  • Bachelor of Business – Accounting and Public Practice
  • Xero certified advisor and payroll specialist
  • Figured certified advisor
  • Intuit QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor


  • Treasurer - South West Autism Netisorwork

What is STP Phase 2 and what does it mean for healthcare providers?

29 March 2023
Introduced in the 2019-20 Budget, the Government announced Single Touch Payroll (STP) will be expanded to include additional information. For Allied Health providers, this means changes in the payroll data they will be reporting to the ATO on a regular basis. Some software packages have been granted a deferral on the start date (such as Xero)...

Tax Insights | April 2022 edition

3 May 2022
In our April 2022 edition of Tax Insights, we look at family trust arrangements, the ATO's guidance following LIBOR abolition, and luxury car tax. 

Luxury Car Tax – a luxury for who?

20 April 2022
Luxury Car Tax was introduced in 2001 by the Howard Government as a measure to protect the local car manufacturing industry from foreign imports after the introduction of the GST.  Luxury vehicles were previously taxed at higher rates under the Wholesale Sales Tax and under the introduction of GST, the Wholesale Sale Tax was removed, and a new taxation method was introduced.

Are you eligible for soil testing funding?

5 April 2022
You'll often hear how hard it is to manage soil health and one of the best ways to do this is to test and analyse the soil data regularly. Soil testing funding has become available for eligible farmers.  However, testing comes at a cost.  The Australian Government has announced the Pilot Soil Monitoring and Incentives Prog...

How to get the most out of your subscription membership

10 March 2022
Subscribing to access a service or product, or Software as a Service (SaaS), is very much a part of our everyday lives, especially in business. Previously, expensive upfront costs, installation, and deployment were a barrier to new technology in a business, but since the introduction of SaaS, the uptake in these services by business has been significant in Australia.

How does the Aged Care bonus affect you?

10 February 2022
The Federal Government has recently announced an $800 bonus payment for Aged Care workers. But what exactly does this mean for aged care workers and their employers? The instalments of up to $400 each will be payable to employed workers on 28th February and 28th April. The amount of the bonus will depend on whether the worker is working in h...

Learn how to maximise your Fuel Tax Credits

25 January 2022
The Fuel Tax Credit system as we currently know it was introduced in July 2003, replacing the previous Diesel Fuels Rebate Scheme. In general, the scheme has been a slowly changing set of rules designed to provide credits to eligible businesses impacted by the excise charged by the Government. Like excise on alcohol, the excise on fuel is inc...

The future of superannuation payments

5 May 2021
Many Australians have multiple superannuation funds, and with retirement usually a distant thought, the consequences of having more than one superannuation fund are rarely considered. It’s common for people not to nominate a superannuation fund when they start with an employer which results in them defaulting to the employer’s choice ...

WA Dairy Farmers Funding

10 December 2020
In good news for Dairy Farmers, funding is now available through the WA Farmers Dairy Industry Fund and the Woolworths Dairy Innovation Fund. The Dairy Industry Fund, funded through sales of WAFarmersFirst milk, has grants from $1,000 to $5,000 to fund a project that directly benefits the WA Dairy Industry.  Areas being funded included...

What is your success?

30 November 2020
What does success look like for you? Is it as simple as just getting through the season with the bills paid, or is your road map for the future a bit more complicated? How long do you want to work or need to work? Success may be stopping work at 60, or it may be still being able to work at 75.  Success is subjective, and often it is a culmi...

How Is Your Budget Going?

19 August 2019
“Why bother to budget, it never goes to plan…” It’s a phrase I have heard many times.  Ironically for most businesses, this is the reason why they should budget.  Yep, nothing goes to plan, but that is the point - we know there are costs/expenses that need to be paid at some point, and just because things are not going to plan ...

Ways to use 'the cloud' in your business

16 April 2019
Clouds are generally a good thing for farming.  Whether that be the first hopeful signs of rain after long periods of drought or the relief at getting rain at just the right time, clouds are generally welcomed by the farming community.  Yet what about “the Cloud”, this so-called magical place where all our information is being st...

Foreign resident withholding payments

30 June 2016
Do you deal with property?  Are you aware that from 1 July 2016, all property transactions over $2 million in value will require the vendor to withhold 10% of the market value of the property and pay this to the Australian Taxation Office?  Designed to ensure foreign residents declare the capital gains on property sold in Australia, th...