Our People


Jayesh is the National Director, Hospitals, and Director of the Risk Advisory division in Melbourne. Jayesh is focused on providing tailored client service solutions.

He understands his client’s key drivers and strategy and helps to develop messaging for Boards, Audit Committees and Executive Team that delivers an impact. A skill that he has developed over 22 years of local and international experience. Jayesh strives to build long-term relationships that focus on realising valuable outcomes for his clients.

Jayesh specialises in assisting his clients to better manage their risk and improve their internal control environments. By working in collaboration with Management to achieve continuous improvement, he provides Boards and Audit Committees with a level of comfort on how risks are being managed within the organisation. 

Drawing together RSM’s collective experience of over 25 years in practice servicing Hospitals, including 6 Metro Hospitals, over 25 Regional and Rural Health Services, Jayesh has a deep understanding of this sector.  

Jayesh and the national Health specialist team deliver a broad range of services to Hospitals including, internal audit, risk management, assurance, and compliance services

"I love to learn more about my client's business and their operations as this, not only increases my personal knowledge base but also puts me in a better position to provide practical recommendations to my clients. I also really value the professional relationships that I have built over the years that have been mutually beneficial, and in some cases have evolved into friendships".

Outside of work, Jayesh loves to travel and play soccer socially with friends. He admits he is useless for the music category at trivia night, as he cannot remember an artist or song title to save his life.

Jayesh Kapitan is a Partner of RSM Australia Partners and a Director of RSM Australia Pty Ltd.

Significant projects

  • Risk AdvisoryEngagement Lead for the delivery of Internal Audit Services to 10 Acute and Sub-acute Services (Hospitals). Including developing the Strategic Internal Audit Plan, overseeing the delivery of operational, governance, IT and risk based internal audit reviews and reporting to the Audit Committee.
  • Internal audit Engagement Lead to large Victorian Transport Infrastructure Projects.
  • Delivered assurance services over the end-to-end data integrity for a multi-million dollar system implementation delivered by the Victorian Government over a period of four years. The scope of works included operational activities, financial reporting and IT controls and security.
  • Assisted a client to re-define their risk management framework to better align with the operational business.
  • Worked collaboratively with a client to help them define their Strategic Risk Profile, something they have never done before. This exercise helped the Board to focus their attention on more strategic issues, leaving management to focus on operational priorities.
  • Assisted a client to capture the key lessons learned from a significant IT project that had not gone to plan. The findings from this engagement played a key role in how the client approach phase two of the project. It was pleasing to see how our client had embraced and acted on the lesson learned. They are well placed for the successful implementation of Phase 2.

Professional associations

  • Member, Chartered Accountant Australia and New Zealand
  • Professional Member, Institute of Internal Auditors Australia


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) (Monash University)
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Systems

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5 key risks companies should monitor in 2016

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Plan now to address employment, inflation, currency, cybersecurity and vendor risks Australian GDP expanded by 0.6 percent in the December quarter of 2015, as compared to a revised 1.1 percent increase in the previous quarter. While the 0.7 percent growth in final consumption expenditure contributed positively to the expansion, private investmen...