Our People

Peter Marsden
Senior Consultant - Sydney


Peter is a Senior Consultant in the Restructuring & Recovery division in Sydney.

He has over 35 years' experience in corporate business investigation, turnaround and recovery, and is an official liquidator of the Supreme Court of NSW and Federal Court of Australia.

Solutions Peter provides

Peter has experience in all forms of business investigation, recovery and turnaround management. His hands on approach to all assignments focuses on maximising recovery for all stakeholders when borrowers face financial distress. This positive attitude has been the savior for many businesses. When a turnaround is not possible, Peter will ensure the best outcome for creditors. 

Peter has been the lead partner on a number of investigating accountant reports on major business as well as creating and implementing the strategy for informal workouts. 

Significant projects

Peter has experience in a wide variety of industries.

Recent matters include:

  • Capitol Square Hotel - receivership - total secured creditors $19m. Hotel sold as a going concern.
  • Motor Group Australia - receivership - importer of MG and Rover cars. Successfully implemented deed of company arrangement after manufacturer failed in the UK, including the sale of over 300 cars at a nationally coordinated auction.
  • St George Appliances - official liquidation - estimated deficiency $20m. Manufacturer of white goods including St George Ovens.
  • Sydney 2002 Gay Games Limited - voluntary administration - total creditors $3m.
  • Fruits of Batlow Stonefruit and Apple Orchards - voluntary administration - successfully implemented deed of company arrangement. Total creditors $30m.
  • Parle Foods Pty Ltd - receivers and managers - food processing plant with total debt of $40m.
  • 7 Steel Distribution - receivership - importer and distributor of steel in 11 locations across Australia. Secured debt of $18m.
  • Maylenu - receivership - operated Marketland Shopping Centre Tahmoor. Sold as going concern for $4.5m.

Professional associations

  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association (ARITA)
  • Turnaround Management AssociationPeter Marsden
  • Australian Institute of Credit Management
  • Official liquidator (1996)
  • Registered liquidator (1994)


  • Bachelor of Commerce (University of NSW)
  • National Technical Education

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