Tim Linke
Partner - Melbourne

Tim Linke leads the national Financial Modelling services of RSM Australia, and is a Director based in the Melbourne office. 

With a background in Computer Science, Tim started his career in the data analytics field, working with financial information before tools like Tableau and Power BI became mainstream. He has since transitioned to providing specialised financial modelling services, and further enhanced his expertise with a postgraduate Masters degree in Applied Finance.

Tim is driven by the challenge of understanding the intricate puzzle of a business, working through its moving parts and complexities collaboratively with clients. This approach enables him to uncover the inner workings of an organisation, and distil the key drivers required to forecast the business. He excels at understanding the unique operational workflows and financial structures within a company.

"I enjoy working with clients to understand their business, and helping to drive growth and provide support for key decisions". 

The creation of Excel-based tools, that are transparent and easy to understand, and enable comprehensive insight and scenario analysis are at the core of Tim's approach. By leading collaborative workshops and one-on-one consultations with key stakeholders to understand specific requirements, and leveraging the flexibility and familiarity of Excel, and he empowers clients with tools to help them navigate complex decisions and forecasting needs.tim's profile

Tim's role with clients extends beyond technical proficiency; he is a trusted adviser, guiding stakeholders through the intricacies of decision-making and providing information about potential implications and outcomes. Tim prides himself on fostering a deep understanding of clients' objectives, ensuring alignment between analysis outcomes and strategic goals.

Before joining RSM, Tim's career involved a mix of both professional services and industry roles, with hands-on experience in infrastructure assets and retail / FMCG.

Outside of work, Tim likes to keep an eye on new technological developments and typically has a good handle on upcoming movies and tv-shows! 

Tim Linke is a Partner of RSM Australia Partners and a Director of RSM Australia Pty Ltd.


Tim provides expert knowledge in the following areas:


  •    Chartered Financial Modeller (CFM), Financial Modelling Institute


  •    Master of Applied Finance, Macquarie University
  •    Bachelor of Computer Science, RMIT University

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