Support for junior mining exploration companies

From assisting you to raise capital, manage your cash flow and to helping you navigate tax incentives and grants, we’re here to support you.

Despite COVID-19, Australia’s junior exploration companies have thrived as a result of a market in eager anticipation of the next big mineral resources discovery.

Whether you are in mineral or natural resources or you’re currently looking to take your exploration project public, RSM can provide you with the assistance you need to create the most value for your shareholders.


How can we help you?

How can RSM support your junior mining exploration company?

At RSM, we work closely with junior mining companies to boost capital, assist with leveraging tax incentives and grants, and help with operational or compliance issues.

Ask us to assist with:

The ability to access capital markets for debt, equity and hybrid products is fundamental to any mining company continuing to fund its growth strategy. Our team has significant experience in advising on all aspects of capital markets transactions.

Financial models are an integral part of the business decision-making process, enabling mining companies to assess the financial implications of commercial decisions with confidence. The construction of a robust financial model is the cornerstone of accurate, informed and timely commercial decision making and forecasting.

Internal audits are a valuable risk mitigation strategy. They provide assurance that your mining organisation’s frameworks, policies, practices, and processes are effective, and actively seek out gaps and areas for improvement. This makes it possible to identify and eliminate barriers to success and optimise operational efficiency for greater productivity and cost savings.

Using RSM’s state-of-the-art proprietary tools, we provide a comprehensive outsourced internal audit solution including planning, risk assessment, reporting, and issue tracking and resolution.

At RSM, we have specialists who can work with your junior exploration company to develop and implement robust financial due diligence processes. We can support you with the design of easily understood and measured financial management KPIs, and help you implement clear and meaningful financial reporting.

We can help ensure that your junior mining exploration company has an appropriate tax governance framework in place and is paying the right amount of tax.

RSM will be able to assist exploration companies looking to take advantage of R&D tax incentives including the JMEI by assessing eligibility, completing JMEI forms and lodging it with the ATO and advising of the proper allocation of exploration credits to investors.

Farm-in / farm-out arrangements. We can provide you with comprehensive joint venture advice to help you accomplish your business goals.

Our business restructuring advisors are skilled in handling specialist restructuring, turnaround, and insolvency advice. Whether the turnover is $10K or $10 million, we can help. We’ll take the time to understand your situation and how it came about, and then work with you towards the best possible outcome.

RSM has extensive experience working with junior mining exploration companies to deliver well-planned automation strategies and solutions that deliver real results. We start with a deep dive into your IT department’s processes, key pain points and current platforms, before putting forward prioritised recommendations for areas that we believe will offer the best ROI once they are automated. Collaborating with your IT team, we can then design workflows and deploy a full automation capability that leverages the latest technologies with minimal disruption to your business.


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