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Succession & estate planning

Business people, whether primary producers, manufacturers, retailers or others, must all consider the succession of their business. The impact of a poorly planned succession can be substantial in terms of taxation, administrative costs, relationships and stress, so it is essential to plan for the future handover of your business.

Those SME owners who opt for a well planned succession enjoy greater benefits, both financial and personal.

Our succession planning consultants help SME owners plan and execute the smooth succession of their business, whether it be to new owners, the next family generation or upon their death or incapacity. As required, we draw on the advice of solicitors for legal issues.

Our services include:

  • planning and managing asset transfers
  • management succession
  • wills and enduring powers of attorney
  • family dispute resolution
  • family wealth appraisal
  • administration of deceased estates
  • company and trust formation and structuring
  • life insurance and superannuation
  • planning for retirement
  • advice on pension eligibility

Farm Succession Planning and the four A’s

25 July 2017
Farm succession planning has been described as developing a strategy to work out whether someone will take over the farm or whether it will be sold when the owner retires or dies.

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Liquidity a problem? Give your business a health check !!

2 December 2016
Companies relying on historically low interest rates to mask their true capacity to pay bills when they fall due, need to seriously address debt serviceability once the official cash rate starts moving higher which some will say will occur in 2017.

New super legislation – where do you stand?

18 October 2016
Government releases more superannuation legislation New additional proposed changes to superannuation legislation were released at the end of September as the Government amends and improves the changes they announced in the 2016 Federal Budget, prior to the election.

thinkBIG 2016

3 June 2016
get thinkbig 2016 full Report Insights into the challenges and opportunities facing Australian SMEs

Succession planning report

19 May 2016
Understanding the current perceptions of business owners towards succession planning.

Budget 2016 for SMEs

3 May 2016
Key announcements Increase in small business entity turnover threshold from $2 million to $10 million; Increase the unincorporated small business tax discount; Amendment to Division 7A to allow self-correction for inadvertent breaches.

Divorce and succession planning

4 June 2015
Divorce can have a significant impact on the family business, possibly leading to the sale of all or part of it. This article answers some of the key questions around this topic.

Ten step process to maximising the value of a business on exit

1 April 2015
There are ten steps that can be used to maximise the value of a business which can be grouped into three distinct phases: phase 1: optimum performance phase 2: polishing the business phase 3: creation of the sale

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