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Internal audit

The increased focus on governance and controls has raised the profile and responsibility of internal auditors in both private and public organisations, consequently internal auditors are assuming a more strategic role that is linked to the overall assessment of risk. RSM provides internal audit services of the highest quality to suit the needs of businesses and their stakeholders.

Businesses will benefit from experienced, independent professional evaluations on the quality and effectiveness of their risk management, governance and control arrangements. RSM works with businesses to identify areas for improvement and explore ways to meet their objectives. They can provide a range of support including fully outsourced solutions, working in partnership with in-house internal audit teams, or the supply of specialist services. All three of these delivery models give the advantage of scalability and flexibility, which is especially beneficial in the current economic climate.

The approaches adopted are based on a standard methodology that embraces the key elements of the Risk Management Standards (ISO 31000) and fully complies with the International Professional Practice Framework (IPPF) issued by the Global Institute of Internal Auditors.

Core to the risk-based audit methodology is an understanding of the risk profile of organisations and assessing where internal audit work can add most value.

Internal audit focus areas

  • focus internal audit resources on areas critical to the success of the organisation
  • meet all professional standards and requirements
  • provide stakeholders and managers with assurances that their key systems and controls are in place and working effectively
  • allow in-house resources to be used more effectively
  • provide dedicated internal audit professionals without the day to day managerial requirements
  • monitor key areas of the client's organisation
  • provide clients with access to experts on various subjects
  • provide clear opinions linked back to the risk profile

Internal audit & related services

  • fully outsourced internal audit services
  • provision of specialists in fields such as IT, environmental, project and tax audit
  • partnering with in-house teams
  • helping establish an internal audit function
  • internal audit quality assessments accredited by the IIA
  • corporate governance advice
  • audit committee training

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