Internal audit

Internal Audit

Internal audit

Get expert independent assurance on the effectiveness of your frameworks, policies, practices and processes.

Gain absolute assurance with an internal audit

Internal audit

Internal audits are a valuable risk mitigation strategy. They provide assurance that your organisation’s frameworks, policies, practices and processes are effective, and actively seek out gaps and areas for improvement. This makes it possible to identify and eliminate barriers to success and optimise operational efficiency for greater productivity and cost savings.

For an audit to be effective, it should be conducted by an independent third-party with deep auditing expertise and a broad understanding of best practice auditing methodologies.  

The audit process generally includes these stages:

  1. Information gathering
  2. Analyses and risk assessment
  3. Regulatory compliance review
  4. Validation of findings
  5. Recommendations for improvement
  6. Implementation of improvement initiatives
  7. Follow up and review

How we can help

Using RSM’s state-of-the-art proprietary tools, we provide a comprehensive outsourced internal audit solution including planning, risk assessment, reporting, and issue tracking and resolution.

Our audit specialists have extensive experience across an array of industries and use agile methodologies with a collaborative approach to help you develop and implement a strategy that aligns with your business goals and growth objectives.

We work with you to:

  • augment or train your internal audit team
  • establish an internal best practice audit function
  • conduct quality assurance reviews
  • assess compliance
  • monitor vulnerabilities and opportunities in real time
  • connect you with experts in areas of weakness, such as fraud or security
  • provide corporate governance advice
  • deliver risk management workshops

We can also equip your organisation with a valuable internal audit toolbox. Auditor Assistant is our advanced, cloud-based software that enables your internal audit team to do more with less – increasing efficiency and effectiveness across all internal audit activities.



Internal audit services

  • Internal audit
  • Establishment of internal audit function
  • Quality assurance reviews
  • Risk consulting
  • Compliance
  • Corporate governance advice
  • Risk management training and workshops

Internal audit focus areas

Internal audit focus areas

  • Assisting in the identification of strategic, operational, financial, and behavioural risks
  • Providing stakeholders and managers with complete assurance, both retrospective and prospective, that key systems and controls are in place and working effectively
  • Maximising your in-house resources to ensure they are used effectively
  • Real-time monitoring of key of threats and opportunities to your organisation
  • Providing value-generating opportunities and insights to strengthen your risk management, internal controls and support provided to employees
  • Allocating a team of qualified, dedicated internal audit and risk advisory experts led by a Partner committed to client service

Internal audit & related services

Internal audit & related services

  • Fully outsourced, co-sourced and bespoke internal audit services
  • Assistance in establishing an internal audit function
  • Internal audit quality assessments
  • Design of customised internal audit review scopes and approaches, aligned to the standard and best practice of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA – Australia), which meet your specific needs and requirements
  • Corporate governance advice
  • Audit committee training
  • Facilitation of risk management workshops including risk appetite statements and the associated implementation methodologies

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Working with RSM’s specialist Health Services team, WDEA Works has since gained valuable oversight of their operations while making practical improvements that ultimately help them deliver better services to the community.  

NSW Records Management Assessment Tool (RMAT)

7 June 2022
Effective April 2022, the RMAT will become part of a new Regulatory Framework for the State Records Act 1998 (the Act).  In accordance with this, all public offices will be required to submit their RMAT results as part of an updated compliance regime conducted by The State Archives and Records Authority (SARA). 

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30 September 2021
Forced onto the frontline in the midst of a global health pandemic, the doctors and nurses who work within Australia’s public and private hospitals have certainly been under enormous strain these past 18 months.

The IIA's Three Lines Model (An update of the Three Lines of Defense)

11 November 2020
The new IIA Three Lines Model provides businesses with a reminder that in decision making, upside risk should be considered alongside those negative risk factors. 

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1 September 2020
While most employers don’t deliberately underpay employees, errors can occur. Coles, Woolworths, Hero Sushi and MasterChef George Calombaris are the latest in a long line of companies and franchises to be caught in payroll scandals as a result of outdated payroll systems.

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17 February 2020
Regardless of their digital footprint, any business with a reliance on technology is at risk of cybercrime.

Independence issues for internal auditors

12 February 2020
Internal audits can help organisations understand how well they’re managing their risk, control, and governance processes. Internal auditors don’t just examine an organisation’s financials; they review all aspects of its operations to identify ways to help the organisation improve its performance. 

Risk Insider Newsletter - Edition #3

3 February 2020
The bushfires have had a devastating impact with 25 people killed in NSW and thousands of homes damaged. Now, the government of NSW has announced an independent six-month inquiry into the bushfires which will examine causes as well as the preparedness and response. It is expected that the inquiry would consider how climate change, human activity and other factors had contributed to the blazes.

Audit Office of NSW - Internal Controls and Governance 2019

30 January 2020
In November 2019, the Audit Office of New South Wales (AONSW) released a report summarising sector-wide findings and recommendations relating to internal controls and governance from their 2018-19 financial audits of the 40 of the largest public-sector agencies in NSW.