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Compliance with the Sarbanes Oxley Act ('SOX') of 2002 is a major concern and top priority to Australian listed companies who also file annual reports with the US Securities Exchange Committee ('SEC') or companies that are subsidiaries of US SEC registered companies. For all SEC registered organisations, compliance with section 404 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act presents significant challenges. Under the requirements of the Act, management must review, test and document internal controls over financial reporting and in a very legal sense, accept full responsibility for the internal control structure of the company.

RSM can help you create a comprehensive project plan to address all the complexities of section 404 and ensure your management board meets their legal responsibilities with regard to financial control and reporting. We offer services aimed at assisting companies meet their compliance requirements. These include documentation, assessment and testing of internal controls, including information technology processes. We deliver these services using the latest tools developed in conjunction with the RSM member firm in the US.

South Pacific and Asia Conference 2020 (SOPAC®)

2 March 2020
Darren Booth, National Head of Security and Privacy Risk Services at RSM Australia, will be presenting at the upcoming South Pacific and Asia Conference 2020 (SOPAC®) on 'The latest news in cyber security'. This presentation will cover the following:

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