RSM’s Co-Managed IT Services is our customised solution for companies seeking a trusted partner to co-manage your IT department.

Our Co-Managed IT Services combines your existing in-house IT team with RSM professionals to create a single comprehensive,effective IT operation.

As a global leader in Managed IT Services, we understand the fundamentals of creating high performing teams. Therefore your RSM Managed IT Services team is customised to understand your requirements and will typically include a vCIO, core teammembers and various other specialists in the areas you require.



 Michael Palermo       
Principal, Managed IT Services       
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Gavin O'Hara

Senior IT Consultant       
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Matthew Brylewski

Senior IT Consultant       
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How can we help you?

RSM will tailor a managed solution based on your business needs, existing IT expertise, geography, regulatory requirements and current business applications. Below is a list of services that can be delivered individually or bundled together. 


Internal IT departments are usually reactive in nature be it due to workload, lack of planning, skills gaps or inadequate training.

Our goal is to run your IT department like a business, which includes annual planning provided by our vCIO, regular reporting on the health of IT  through key performance indicators, end user temperature check surveys, ongoing project portfolio management and service level reporting.

Our standardised pricing models also makes it easier to understand your IT costs.

Unfortunately, all businesses now live in a world of ever evolving persistent security threats.

RSM’s managed IT services includes critical security components and processes to elevate your security posture. For our private cloud customers, we are SSAE Type II-certified  and have strict controls around credentials management.

In addition to our basic security package, we offer premium security offerings around encryption, as well as identity management and vulnerability scanning.


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