IT companies

Counseling of  IT Companies  (digital agency, marketing agency, software development, web agency )  

In RSM Denmark , we have extensive experience in servicing  IT companies  within traditional software development and development of apps - but also companies that have their work at the crossroads between IT and advertising agencies, for example. with search engine optimization (SEO),  Google ads  and social media.  

The digital industry is booming and we are ready to help, so you can work with Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or Youtube. You will have time to keep up on all  the  platforms,  you are working with while we create an overview through review and advice. 

Our services to the  IT industry include, in addition to auditing and accounting, also advice on taxes, VAT and fees, etc. We have extensive experience with advising on the “Tax Credit Scheme” - a scheme which means that companies with a tax deficit can have the deficit paid out by SKAT.  

A fast growing topic in the field is eSports. We have extensive experience with advice on taxation of income in the form of sponsorships and prizes / winnings from both home and abroad. 

Accountant with extensive experience in consulting and assistance to IT companies

We can offer our assistance in a wide range of areas, including: 

  • Preparation and reporting of the annual report . 
  • Tax advice and calculation of taxable income . 
  • Preparation of operating, status and liquidity budgets . 
  • Investment and financing advice . 
  • Advice in improving internal controls and business operations in the company. 
  • Advice on ongoing financial management and reporting as well as better use of resources . 
  • Accounting assistance.

Have you considered the following: 

  • Registration of development costs. 
  • Tax credit scheme. 
  • Project management and hour case management. 
  • Choice of company type and group structure. 
  • Optimization and / or outsourcing of finance function. 
  • Choice of financial system. 

Presence and proximity

We attribute our presence to the fact that we are many IT companies' first choice in consulting, auditing, and accounting. We place a high value on human relationships - close contact and trust-building communication are important to us. 

We prioritize the proximity to our customers and are confident that the good cooperation and positive dialogue is an important element in the elevated old to, to provide accurate solutions, matching the company's individual needs. It requires not only that we are good at accounting - but also that we can listen, and that we have a thorough knowledge of your business, challenges, desires and surroundings.