Whether you have a small privately owned company or a large company with many employees, you will at all times need to know the rules within VAT and taxes.

It can be an almost impossible task to be up to date on all the rules and the constantly changing legislation and practices in the field.

We can help you ensure that you have calculated VAT and taxes for your company correctly at all times.


VAT and taxes - indirect taxes

VAT and taxes are indirect taxes, which are typically handled daily in the company.

There are different rules in relation to trade in Denmark and trade with countries both within and outside the EU.

We advise you on all relevant VAT and tax matters, both nationally and in international trade and help you optimize your VAT and tax calculation and payments.


Accounting help

We are experiencing that an increasing number of companies are choosing to place their accounts and bookkeeping outside the company.

We have therefore chosen to make a Business Service available to our customers. 

Business services can help with exactly the tasks that your company needs to be solved, outside the company. The service includes, among other things, VAT and taxes as described in the section. We can also help you with:

  • accounting
  • invoicing
  • payroll and reporting
  • VAT settlement
  • handling of payments
  • general administration 

Always up to date in VAT, taxes and duties

It is important to us that all our auditors deliver the quality we are known for.

We therefore ensure that all employees and partners are up-to-date with changes in the legislation within VAT, tax and duties. This is done through constant training, course activities and participation in subject-relevant seminars and go-home meetings. In addition, we give very high priority to knowledge sharing between our offices around the country and our tax experts at Revitax.