Financial consulting

The financial situation of the company is one of the most important elements when running a business. Are operations profitable, can you afford, or do you need investments and how are the risks regulated? These are merely some of the questions you as a business owner need to ask yourself. 

It is therefore of utmost importance that you get professional counselling, so you can act on the correct basis. 

RSM Denmark is specialized within financial counselling. It is one of our key competences and we can advise you in a way that will positively impact your business. 


In certain situations, it may be necessary for the business to know its worth. 

People often think of valuation in connection with an upcoming sale of the entire business or an ownership share, however several other factors may be the underlying reason for receiving valuation. 

The valuation can also be a tool for: 

  • Establishing incentive pay 
  • Assessment of which consequences expansions or renovations will have for the company’s value 
  • Assessment of return requirements 
  • Key employee’s entry into group of owners 


For budgeting tasks, we help calculate the financial impact of the activities that the company intends to set in motion. The budget is drawn up in collaboration with the company to ensure that the prerequisites for the proposed outlines will be incorporated correctly. We focus on operations, liquidity and the balance sheet budget.       

Based on the budget created combined with a solid knowledge of the industry, we help companies assess whether a planned activity is profitable. 

When we help draw up budgets, we will always provide a statement of the work done alongside the budget. 

This helps increase the credibility and trust in the budget. It ensures that we always live up to the demands and expectations of the company’s banking connection and other stakeholders and users of the budget.