Distinguishing beliefs

Distinguishing beliefs


We have strong, collaborative and lasting relationships based on availability and adaptability. We meet customers and colleagues with friendliness, personality and mutual respect. With a high degree of presence and informal settings, we seek the good relationships that make us a happy workplace and business partner.

Distinguishing beliefs


We understand our customers' needs, strategy and ambitions and strive to be an essential part of their business environment. We have a local presence, a present personal dialogue with our customers, fair prices and a working environment with short chain of command and good sparring across seniority, geography and specialties.

Distinguishing beliefs


We ensure each customer benefits and value through tailored thinking and insights from our senior experts – locally and globally. In order to deliver value-creating advice, we focus on continuous development of competences and specialist knowledge for the benefit of customers in various industries. We share knowledge across RSM and prioritize a high degree of flexibility around education and exams.

RSM has five brand values that focus our actions and ultimately define our culture. They are integral to the way we act with each other and with clients.


Respect - treat others as we'd like to be treated

We display respect in each interaction with:

  • Our clients
  • Our employees
  • Our partners

Integrity - do the right thing

We stay true to our values:

  • In decisions
  • In negotiations
  • In communications

Teamwork - work together effectively

We cultivate genuine collaboration:

  • In work groups
  • Across functions
  • Among leaders

Excellence - be the best in everything we do

We achieve distinction through:

  • Our work product
  • Our standards
  • Our operations 

Stewardship - better our firm and develop our people

We make RSM a better place by:

  • Developing our people
  • Building our brand
  • Supporting our communities