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At RSM in Esbjerg, you get competent financial advice regarding your business. We are an experienced team trained in both national and international accounting matters, and we offer auditing to all kinds of companies regardless of size or industry. As a customer with us, you are always associated with one accountant, so we can build a good relationship and understanding of you and your business. We offer professional advice on everything from bookkeeping to tax and VAT, so you can ensure that your company's finances are in order. There are a number of practicalities, such as the preparation of accounts and salaries, that you have to deal with as a self-employed person. Therefore, it may be a good idea to consult an accountant. We also make sure that you meet important deadlines for reporting.  At RSM, we want to create results together with our customers. Therefore, we strive to give you the necessary insight and business understanding so that your business can develop. We consider ourselves an equal partner, as well as your supplier of accounting services. We meet you at eye level no matter what kind of business you run. You and your company are in focus, and we always meet our tasks with openness and professionalism, so you can safely put your company's finances in our hands. If you are looking for tax advice or other types of guidance, you are always welcome to book a non-binding meeting with one of our competent accountants in Esbjerg. Whether you are looking for advice or want to outsource your company's finances, RSM's department in Esbjerg can help you.


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