Sell-side Assistance

We believe that it is possible to create value through every step of the sales process. By using our seller advice, the seller will be able to reduce risk, streamline the transaction and maximize the sale price.

Assistance to ensure successful sales

As a seller of a business, you want to make sure that any problems or risks are identified in advance – and not introduced as a surprise through potential buyers! On the contrary - you have an interest in giving potential buyers peace of mind through a thorough Due Diligence report as part of a quick and successful sales process.

At RSM, we help our clients with both financial and tax-related company reviews in connection with sales processes. By being in control of possible issues even before the buyer is identified, we help the customer ensure a good sales process where the company's financial reporting is in line with and supports the investment case. We help you be transparent and proactive.

We contribute to creating efficient and successful sales processes

We build a financial data book that can be used in prospectus and information memorandum. Through this work, we will analyze and identify standalone items and abnormal transactions in order to show a potential buyer the historical underlying earnings. We will also analyze normal levels of working capital and identify net interest-bearing debt. All this will affect the final purchase price. A proactive approach to the process can be very valuable to the customer.

A VDD goes further than a VA process when it comes to reviewing the fundamentals and analytics. Such a process will provide a very good preparation before the buyer's review, and the seller will have time to improve conditions that could otherwise become a big problem on the buyer's part. This will save time and secure values once the sales process itself is underway. A VDD report can be shared with potential buyers.

Our sharp insight into the company's profitability areas helps companies develop a holistic marketing strategy at the forefront of a sales process. We assist sellers with data-driven analyses based on financial and non-financial data to support the investment case with detailed knowledge and a nuanced understanding of the company's development and profitability.

To optimize the sales value and the seller's after-tax income, we identify and resolve tax risks related to preparing the business for sale. This helps to make the company more attractive to potential buyers and optimizes the structuring to ensure a smooth exit for the seller.

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