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At RSM you will find skilled accountants who can help you with everything from bookkeeping to advice on VAT and tax. We are an experienced team trained in both national and international accounting matters, and we offer auditing and advice to both large and small companies. After our merger with Revisorgaarden in Copenhagen, our overall competencies and competitiveness have been further strengthened. With our versatile team of accountants, we have achieved an improved use of resources and knowledge sharing, which benefits you, whether you are looking for tax advice or help with the preparation of financial statements. We strive to find out what is valuable to our customers, and therefore flexibility, close contact and open dialogue are some of our key values. In this way, we can ensure that you get the most optimal solutions so that your business can develop. We are visionary on behalf of our customers, and with our broad professional knowledge, we can reach out to you if an urgent need arises. At RSM in Copenhagen, we collaborate with many kinds of clients, including foundations, associations and family-owned companies. With us, the customer is always at the center, which is why we consider ourselves a service company just as much as an accounting firm. As a customer with us, you are affiliated with one accountant, so we can build a good relationship and understanding of you and your company. We focus fully on the individual customer, but we do not only look at the owner-managed business. We also consider your specific situation regarding both private and family matters so that we can guide you in the best possible way. We approach our tasks with openness and professionalism, so you can safely put your company's finances in our hands. If you are looking for financial advice or other forms of guidance, you are welcome to book a non-binding meeting with one of our accountants in Copenhagen. No matter what you want help with, our Copenhagen team is ready to help you. WE ARE VISIONARIES!


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State Authorised Public Accountant & Partner
State Authorised Public Accountant & Partner
State Authorised Public Accountant & Partner


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