Extended tax return changes name to Information Form 

Extended tax return (form S10) has changed name to the Danish Tax Agency’s information form. The information form can be filled out electronically via E-tax at skat.dk. 

The information form also applies to persons who have income from a rental property, persons with a foreign income or a foreign property.    

Company tax return  

Companies must prepare a tax return annually. The tax return is prepared based on the annual report of the company. Tax returns for the company include public limited companies, limited liability companies, cooperatives, foundations etc.   

If you want security and to take advantage of the deductions you are entitled to, you can have the form filled out by one of our auditors. We also ensure that your information is submitted within the given deadlines. 


Information form for business owners  

If you have a sole proprietorship, a stake in a partnership or a limited partnership you must report tax returns for sole proprietorship by 1 July.

In the information form there are many different deductions you can employ. It is valuable to familiarize oneself with the deductions available, examples include artisan deductions (service deductions), milage allowances and travel allowances. 

If you want to make sure that you have filled in the form correctly and utilized the deductions you are entitled to, you can have it reviewed by one of our auditors. We also ensure that your information is submitted within the given deadlines.  

Annual accounts (tax accounts) for your company 

In special cases SKAT can request that you send your annual accounts within the same deadline as the extended tax return.  

Difference between annual report and annual accounts 

The annual accounts are part of the collective annual report. The annual report is the actual accounts, accountant’s statement and operating review. In everyday speech we often just call it the annual accounts. 

Employee’s information form  

Personal information form is a statement of how much you have earned the past year and it shows how much you have to pay in taxes. In the cases of personal tax returns, SKAT usually collects the information from the employers and cash insurance funds etc. However, you should always check if the information is correct. If they are not, they can be corrected at SKAT.dk. 

The personal tax information in your tax file will be collected from 1 January onwards. They enter the tax file at an ongoing basis.  

If you need help, our auditors are ready to help you.