IT-consulting is one of the areas that can make a crucial difference to both the time and resource consumption in your financial management. 

RSM Denmark collaborates with Revi-IT , who are specialists in IT-counselling. Together, we guide you safely through the process of streamlining your financial management.  



IT-counselling is not just about purchasing a financial management system and installing it on the company's computers. 

By receiving counselling on the process of purchasing and setting up, you will get the best result, and save money in the long run. 


Digitising your business

There is a strong focus on the digitization and streamlining of workflows. We understand the importance of developing your business so that it has the best conditions to compete in a market that is constantly changing. 


We can advise your company on topics such as: 

  • CRM
  • Choice of ERP 
  • Simplification of processes
  • Robotic
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Document handling

Review of your financial management

When we, in collaboration with our specialists, advise you on how to best manage your finances, we naturally take our point of departure in what you are already doing. Which processes work and which can be optimized or completely redone. 

In our audit of your financial management, we take as our starting point the following areas:

  • Operation of data centers (server rooms) and networks
  • Acquisition, modification and maintenance of system software
  • Access security
  • Acquisition, development and maintenance of application systems
  • Physical inspections
  • Functional separation
  • We also look at your IT security policy, security standards and contractual conditions.

Recommendations for financial management

Based on the review of your existing systems, we advise you on how you can optimize your processes and routines.

RSM's auditors and IT-department have extensive experience with various financial systems.

This experience ensures that we can advise specifically about which financial systems will suit your needs. We make sure that you do not buy a large and expensive system, where only a fraction of the functions is needed by you. Rather we advise you so that you get a system that can meet your existing needs, while at the same time be future-proofed if your needs should change. ​