Get competent tax consulting from RSM

Taxes, VAT, and duties can be complicated. There are countless rules and legislation can change quickly. As a business owner, it can be difficult to get an overview of all the new information, but fortunately RSM can help. With our tax consulting, we can ensure you and your company the most optimal conditions.

Get well prepared with professional tax consulting 

We have skilled experts distributed throughout the country, so you can get the right tax advice wherever you are.

We can ensure that you get your tax accounts prepared correctly and get a statement of the company's taxable income. We focus on optimizing and minimizing taxable income while always following the rules for tax and duties. With the right guidance and tax advice, you can get more profit for the many other tasks in your business.


We help with your tax accounting and more

At RSM, you can get professional tax advice so that you are able to prepare your tax accounts to the letter. If you have a personally owned business, then your tax accounting is the same as your financial statements. The accounts must be used when you report your tax return - what used to be called "extended tax return". In this way, the Danish Tax Agency can see your results in the company.

A fiscal year is a period of 12 months during which you post the ongoing operation of your business. In it, you must include expenses and income so that it is possible to see whether your business has excess or loss at the end of the financial year. In order to make a thorough and detailed tax account, it is important that your bookkeeping during the year is in order. Here we can also help you, as we have accountants throughout the country who have extensive knowledge of bookkeeping and payroll administration.


Reach out to us in time for the most optimal tax advice

Unfortunately, we often see that RSM only becomes involved when a tax issue that needs to be dealt with has been identified. This can be a severe and expensive process, as the scope must first be clarified and then corrected.

We therefore recommend that we get involved on an ongoing basis in new initiatives and in periodic inspections of the conditions in your company. This way, we can clarify risks and develop processes and business procedures together that ensure correct handling of taxes and duties. It may therefore be a good idea to get a tax advisor on the team early in the process so that you can continuously handle the potential challenges.