High professionalism and balance in everyday life

Our goal is to have some of the industry's most talented employees, and we consider our employees to be the company's most important asset. Therefore, we strive to be an attractive workplace - a nice place to be, with high professional standards and good opportunities for development.

We focus on ensuring that our employees work best – at work and at home – when there is a balance between work, family, and leisure. All accounting firms have busy periods with high peaks, but we take pride in offering flexible solutions for our employees. It is important to us that we can, as far as possible, fulfil the individual's wishes and ambitions for their own working life. We will go to great lengths to meet the specific needs of each individual.


Education at RSM Denmark

Training our employees is a major priority. Internally in the firm, we run a strong training program, a combination of our own internal courses at RSM and external courses held with the other audit firms in our national cooperation, Revisorgruppen Danmark.